Microsoft Surface is like a Mercedes; Says Oprah

Microsoft Surface is like a Mercedes; Says Oprah description

If a person of persuasion praises a product, the marketing department of that company reaches for the heavens.

So the Microsoft Surface marketing department is probably over the moon as Oprah Winfrey declared that the new gadget is one of her desired things of year 2012.

The exact phrase she used was “The Surface, Microsoft's first tablet, feels like a Mercedes-Benz to me, people!”

And she continued to explain why she loves the surface. She said that the full-size keyboard, which is built into the cover of the surface, makes it easy to work and that the kickstand (very smart feature) makes it easy to watch movies or Skype her friends. She also praised the 1.5 pound weight.

However, some of her fans seem to be kind of confused with her remarks. Some think that it is just the fickleness of humankind, as she is not getting much TV appearances since she decided to start a TV network on her own.

However, we cannot discredit the fact that Microsoft has come up with something that does not look like something else at the first glance - say, an iPad – like many other tablet vendors try to do. The Microsoft Surface surely appeals to the people who like something that looks new and different, so that they can show it off.

In addition, many other tech savvy people have also stated that they feel that the Microsoft Surface would do very well in the tablet market for sure.

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