Minecraft: Story Mode at the end of the year

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Computer games that are now played a few genres that have shown interest to the players. Few new idea could disrupt the market games with your newspaper. Independent developers and big studios, but trying to make the game interesting and occasionally trying to bring news, but rarely to bring success. One unexpected result, and today is a very popular game Minecraft. This is a game that made a worldwide success and was expected to do sequels.



Minecraft Story is a continuation of that iam a lot of news. One of them is that for the first time enabled the selection of the main character as to boast. Telltale has not given this choice in the previous games and this is an unusual move for them. Although it will be possible to do a selection of various male and female characters, the main character will always have the name Jesse. Minecraft: Story Mode will go out in the episodes, and the plan is to first be on the market by the end of this year. Outputs for all consoles, the PC and the Android platform.



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