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Realizing that Milton Hobblepop's paranormal research has been stolen, the Mishap gang infiltrates the compound of his greatest rival, Avery Nailliv, to uncover why the renegade scientist is imprisoning spirits against their will. But as you free the estate's bound spirits, a new twist in Milton and Emily's tragic past is revealed, setting the scene for an unforgettable ghostly vengeance. Survive a whirlwind tour of the shadowy estate in this new spooky adventure. Find hidden objects and solve supernatural puzzles stashed inside every room where you'll need the vast abilities granted by Hobblepop's gadgets to defeat an all-new cast of eccentric spirits. Enjoy exclusive content when you purchase Mishap - An Intentional Haunting Premium Edition including a comprehensive Stuck in a rut Walkthrough, Hilarious Voice-Over Outtakes, exclusive Wallpapers, Concept Art, and Gadget Art.

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    It's a while since I played the first part of the game and enjoyed the ghostly adventures of the first part of Mishap. In general the ghosts are back again and this time it is a bit different then in the first part. Since I remember only some of the scenes from the game I can tell you a lot of it has changed but the core game is still the same, and that is what made this game so distinctive and better from many other HOG’s. Milton Hobblepop has been taking every possible measure to accomplish the unity of his ghostly wife and him as a scientist that will make this union happen, however a great tragedy has happened as his arch rival is preventing him from doing that, and this time he might just succeed in his intentions if you don’t do something about it. Emily has been taken away and you must find a way to bring her back to your arms and the best way for that is the same way that you used in the first part. In Mishap: An Accidental Haunting you were tricked and separated from your beloved which kind of ended in her death. Those who have played the first part of the game will be acquainted with all of the characters in the game and all of the happenings. However, the ones that decide to start playing the game for the first time from part 2, there might be some minor issues. The original was a certain breakthrough in the casual games world, especially in the more and more overloaded hidden object genre, which was getting too crowded with more and more games which were made on the same principles and the only thing that made the difference was the games theme. So with the Mishap, it was said ENOUGH and WELCOME to a new dimension of the hidden object games, because of which the hint button will become a necessity for those who are trapped in the same old same old games. Anyway, the point is the game can be played even if you haven’t played the first part and pretty much you will get the picture what was happening in the previous game. But for the full game experience, and not just with good graphics, a good background check would be recommended and the only way to do that is playing the first part. The manufactures haven’t integrated any character info that could explain their role in the whole game in general and those things like that, which is kind of shame. The game evolves though a one big room that has three additional rooms in it. Every room has a big ghost boss you need to take care of, but before you can get to him, you need to take care of the ghosts in the different chapters of the game. The ghosts are probably like the ghosts you have probably imagined, as they won’t freak you out and destroy every crumble of courage and determination in you. These ghosts are more of a type that will make you laugh until you start crying, as they are not just funny when you see them, but when you get to know them, learn about them through different notes, diaries and research, most of it will end up in you laughing. So when searching and getting your tasks to fulfill them you better not get distracted by their lively biographies. The rooms in which you are playing are in fact Avery’s estate through which you must search the items from the list you have. Now, there is a hint button which you will definitely use and need most of the time, but unlike many other HOG’s this one is not time recharged. This hint recharges as you uncover more of the room’s secrets that is as you clean up the room. The good thing about this is if you have used up a hint and need it one more but can’t get any further in that room, you can move between the other rooms as you wish, and try to fill up the hint in there. After the items are done, the ghosts are next and to find them you need to use the ghost mode, or better yet a device (one of many) that shows you a special specter of colors that make the invisible ghosts visible. At the beginning you need to follow the hot and cold meter, which will guide you to the location of the ghost. After three ghosts are found then comes the main puzzle that you need to solve and then proceed to the main ghost of the room. The riddle of the room is in fact a rebus that will lead you to that ghost and the thing is, if you are a member of casual member club which has always played those good old games and the most famous one, you will notice at least some of the themes that are used for the main ghosts are made from those famous games. The thing is, the game has a lot of mini-games that aren’t boring or monotonous at all. They are made with lots of exciting content; however they are mainly made from 5 rounds, which need to be completed to clear them up entirely. If you choose to skip these rounds, you can do that by playing just one round, and then skip the rest. The game is made to be played in two modes, timed and untimed. In timed mode you can be ‘punished’ if you get to much miss-clicks. This option is turned off in the untimed mode, so you don’t have to worry about it here. In general you get a bit startled by the game, and the miss-clicks aren’t always set to be activated for the same number of clicks. The graphics of the game is one of the aspects of the game that is done so nicely and almost flawless. The premium addition options are pretty usual ones, like walkthrough, wallpapers, then some funny voice outtakes, etc… All in all for me the second part carries a heavy burden because of the successfulness of its predecessor, and people will probably expect even more. This might turn out as a disappointment for many players but the real result is that we have a game that is made not as good as the first part and the difference is like a shade of color that only women can see and give it a name…

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 19.95
Size 624

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