Dragons Call

Dragons Call

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Dragons Call description

Dragons Call

Dragons Call

Retail price: Free

Monthly fee: Free

Game link: http://dc.gamedp.com/

Dragon’s Call is a Journey through the Mystical Lands, where you Play as one of three classes and explore the world from a top-down view. Dragon’s Call can be said to be a browser based version or World Of warcraft. The game has great graphics and you can play in a variety of ways, which suit your style. Dragon Call sets in the world called 'StillLand', a magic world accommodating various creatures, including humans, elves, dwarves, giants, orcs, dragons, animals and evil forces with tremendous power. as powers and desires swelled among the races, struggles and conflicts which created chaos and destruction in once a peaceful Land. Now only you my Lord can stop all this and bring the peace again to these forsaken lands.

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