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Molehillempire is a free browsergame, a good combination of strategy and economy simulation game located in your own little garden. As a free browsergame you can play it directly in your browser without having to download any software on your computer.Your are a little garden gnome named Willi Wurzel and will create your own little garden paradise while playing Molehillempire. You will have to plant, seed, water, harvest and deal: you can choose between 39 different sorts of fruits, vegetables, herbs and plants such as tomatoes, onions, strawberries, carrots or salad.Reach one level after the other and activate different plants, decorations and quests. Yes, this is the truth: when playing Molehillempire you can execute a lot of different quests to earn some more Wurzeltaler. Visit the town Wurzeltal to deal with other players, to buy new garden decoration or plants, fulfill the needs of your customers and make friends with your neighbours. Otherwise it may be possible, that one of your neighbours places a mole in your garden.

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