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Experience Mortimer Beckett's first two unbelievable adventures together for the first time in this fantastic deal. Hunt the halls of a haunted house in search of Mortimer's uncle Jerome in Mortimer Beckett and the Secrets of Spooky Manor. Recover a time bomb to close a portal across time in Mortimer Beckett and the Time Paradox. With both of these wonderful journeys you'll enjoy hours of hidden object fun while playing with the entire family. Search for hundreds of items, solve oodles of puzzles, and meet odd inhabitants. Experience the Mortimer Beckett gaming excellence from the beginning. This is one game duo that you just can't miss!

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    Mortimer Beckett Double Pack is a package that HOG fans simply can’t miss especially if they played one of these two games or none of them. This double package consists of the first two releases Mortimer Beckett and the Secrets of Spooky Manor and Mortimer Beckett and the Time Paradox. You will be searching for hundreds of different items, exploring some of the amazing places, and see some extraordinary scenes. The review will go in two parts, each game separately: As Mortimer Beckett was relaxing in his home with nothing except everyday business and problems, a letter delivered to him will soon become his greatest challenge and problem too. The letter that he received contained a request and a plea for him to visit his uncle’s mansion to search for him as he is apparently trapped by the ghosts that hunt the house and the only way to help him is collecting all the pieces of the device he left behind to get rid of the ghosts. You haven’t seen your uncle for more than two decades but still you accept that invitation and head up to help your uncle. There are a couple of rooms that need to be explored, and there is a list of items that need to be found in every room to finish it. You start in the boiler room and basement cellar by finding pieces of objects scattered around the scene. Like said, there are a couple of different items which must be found but finding the items is much harder as it seems. Now finding an item as small as key in such a dark and full of other items room is pretty difficult itself, but the game developers thought why not split items into additional pieces? So you will be looking for a key for example in three pieces… Once you collected the items you need and stored them in the inventory you then decide what to do with them. As there are two types of items you need to figure out which are misplaced items and which are puzzle items. When you collect all of the misplaced items you take them and bring them to the lost place, like a sculptures head which is in pieces and you collect them all and bright the head back. When it comes to the puzzle items they are meant for interacting with other objects in the room you are in or another room in the mansion. You need to use those items you have to get to other items you need. When you return the misplaced items you’ve been awarded with an item you are searching for, mostly parts for the machine that you need to assemble. In some instances you won't be able to complete the room until you retrieve an item in another room on the same floor, like the ghost of the women that is sitting in the kitchen. She wants a piece of cake, and you must find all the pieces of the cake. After that you will find an item you need to continue. If you start clicking all over the screen in a random search, after couple of wrong clicks ghost will start showing up and blocking your sight in the room, and sometimes a ghost will stick on your pointer and then you have to shake it off. After the game play evolves you will soon find yourself in a puzzle item solving, but which are chained more and more to each other like greasing a grinding to stone to sharpen sheers you assembled, which in turn will allow you to trim rose bushes and find another clue. This will provide a fun circling item search. As you can see this game is quite a seek-and-find focused. You will soon discover that you collected almost all the parts for the machine, but still some remain. If you get stuck with an item there is a hint system you can use to help you in the search for it, but you have to be careful and use it sparely. This game offers atmospheric graphics and ghoulishly fitting music, too, which you will see with items blend in the background in some cases almost undetectable. Gamers who enjoy a real challenge will discover it here, as you will see when advancing from floor to floor, the game difficulty increases in a very nice degree. The games music is recorded in a limited soundtrack, but with its spooky additional effect on the game it blends perfectly. All in all we have a game with a really nice theme, even if not desired as before, but this game turned out to be one of the better ones in its genre. But now, with the Mortimer Beckett and the Time Paradox you will deal with the consequences of dealing with the ghosts from the previous part. Putting the machines together and using it somehow opened a portal through time, which sucked in different items from nowadays to different periods in time exposing history and the time course itself to great vulnerability of changing everything what exists today to be altered. Now it is all up to Mortimer Beckett to make things right by traveling to different ages and find what has been sucked in, but there is a problem. It is not a problem to collect and return them back where they belong; the problem is they are all split up in multiple tiles. You must find all of the tiles, after which they are put together and brought to your inventory, depending on what the item is. It can be an item you will need to use somewhere in the game to get access to other items or it can be the item you were looking for. Once Mortimer has fixed all of the irregularities in a scene, he'll receive a piece of Uncle Jerome's Time Bomb, which is the key to sealing the portals once and for all. But sometimes items that you are searching for or puzzles aren’t located all in just one room, but in multiple scenes across the whole time age. You will be visiting eight different time periods that had a significant role in the history of mankind, like the period of the French Revolution or visiting the Ancient Greek. For me, as a great fan of Greek mythology, was a great pleasure to do a couple of jobs for Hades, the ruler of the Underworld. When you start the search for your items through different time periods you will discover some scenes that are characteristic for that time period, which was to expect, but the game developer did something that the past release didn’t have, an outstanding level of details. The scenes of puppet shows, in different cities across Europe are marvelous, or the appearance of the Greek gods was very nicely done not only graphically but also the audio that was connected to the specific scenes was almost a 100% match for every scene. When you search for interaction with the items, the cursor will change into gears so you can interact with it. You don’t have to worry that you might be mistaken which item to use in that moment as it is all predetermined by the game. Not every puzzle is this logical, but because each item only works with one puzzle, you won't have a rough time completing them all. As there is no time clock and no penalty for miss-clicks you can comfortably relax and enjoy playing this game. But in case you get a couple of items that you can’t find, there is always the rechargeable hint system at your service. Combine that with the fact that you can see on your world map how much items you have left to find, you get a game that can’t come to a full stop, ever. The biggest advantage of this release opposite to the first release is the fact that this release is much longer. Not only that, but the items you will find in the game change every time you play the scenes again, so a great plus for the replay value. To summary all of this together you great a nice game with the first release to get acquainted and then get to play a great game with the sequel that will add a lot to the experience of Mortimer Beckett. See if you will enjoy it, try it.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 6.99
Size 172

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