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Let's have a look at the world's 3 most controversial games of all time. There is a chance that you might think these games are not that controversial. The article is made on people's choice, ratings and reviews. You can depend on them. 



Manhunt is the first game in this list. Manhunt is a game full of extreme violence. If you are not comfortable with violence then this game will make you sick. The name Manhunt says it all. Always remember that watching a person cutting off another's head is one thing but doing that on your own in the game is something very different. Manhunt will give you that experience. There is adult talks, slang all over the game. The atmosphere is scary too. The game has three versions and each of them is famous for these things. The game was banned in a few states for showing excessive violence in USA. 





This is a story of a man who tries to stalk and rape a daughter and her mother. Do we need to say anything else? This is a game for the perverted minds. The only hint that we gave is not the whole game. There are tons of other things that you can do in this game. There are lots of games around the world that emphasized rape but this game took it to another level.




The Grand Theft Auto Series 

If you simply type GTA controversies in Google, you will find a whole Wikipedia page that is full of controversies. The GTA series is famous for this and they continue to do it in their every new game. According to many people, the whole concept of this game is controversial. This game also was banned in some states but it got a huge popularity too because of its open world approach. 




In short, these are the three most controversial games of all time. 

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