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$250 Million in solid gold has been stolen from an armored car. The gold's owner has hired you, the world famous Mystery P.I., to find and return the gold before the trail goes cold and it is lost forever. Get on the case and recover the gold within the 17 hour deadline. If you succeed, he will award you $20 Million dollars! Search for over 2100 hidden objects in 25 amazing San Francisco locations to find clues left behind by the thieves. Visit the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Haight-Ashbury, Fisherman's Wharf and many more world-famous settings. Play nine different mini-games including Match 3, Jigsaw Puzzle and Word Search. By finding extra hidden objects such as Keys and Peace symbols, you can also unlock extra bonus modes like the Unlimited Seek & Find or the Match 3 Bonus game. Go for a "Perfect Investigation" and speed bonuses to become a Master P.I. in this exciting new case.

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    Stolen in San Francisco is the sixth installment in the Mystery P.I. series. The story is now located in the city with the Golden Gates, and what is stolen is all in gold. You are still on your hunt for criminals and now the reward is quite big, as the stolen gold is worth about $250 million. You will be generously given $20 million for the recovery of that gold, but as always you have 17 hours to use your extraordinary tracking skills to get the gold back. The game sticks to the same old recipe, with 25 beautiful levels all around San Francisco at 25 locations that characterize the city. At the end of each level, you'll have a mini-game to complete in order to obtain your next clue. Objects are randomized for each scene, promising a different gameplay experience for everybody. Besides the standard 25 levels in the game that need to be searched for items, you are given three additional items to search for which are very special. Collecting all the keys and peace signs, which are not randomized, will reward you with unlocked game modes in the main menu. If you can manage to find the third non-randomized item per each scene, you'll be given 1,000,000 in bonus points. With all of these items found you will unlock additional game modes like in the previous parts, the Unlimited Find & Seek mode which gives you the opportunity to search for over 2000 hidden items, and of course the Match 3 mode, allowing you to play all the match 3 games that are available throughout the game but also games like jigsaw, word search and others. This game, like previously said, is the sixth installment of the Mystery P.I. series and the changes that are made are quite obvious and still the same! The point of the game is very clear, as you are to find all the items in the game that stand on the list! The hint system is still there, with its endlessness. Using hints by default costs you a small portion of your score, but luckily finding more items in a series of quick searches multiplies the score so you won’t feel the lack in points if you stick to this working proven formula. If you don’t like your score constantly taken away from the total and the time limit always ticking away, you can easily shut that down in the options menu. The gamers that played the game releases from before will find themselves just continuing the game as where they left it with the fifth installment. The ones that didn’t play this game will find a lot of things for them to get around with as there is no necessity for you to play the previous parts to be able to play the last one. End-level mini-games are no exception: while they come in varied forms, none are very difficult to complete. The difficulty of the game increases steady but surely, and after a while you will start too really more and more on the hint system of the game. The games sound is perfect for the gameplay as it gives you the additional feeling of the mysterious and lures you more into the world of crime investigation and hunting down the responsible ones. The only thing is that the games music is too short for you to enjoy it through the whole game. There will other beeps and clicks and notification sounds with the ending of the level or the usage of hints, etc… The games graphics is pretty much standard, nothing to compliant about, especially as you come across some funny picture backgrounds that aren’t masterpieces but they do their job very well. The fans that can’t get enough of this P.I. surely won’t be disappointed with this theme as it will take them to a beautiful place to search through, but as for those who don’t like…well you can’t make them all love every game that comes out. Every game has its fans, and this one won’t have a lack of them for sure.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 6.99
Size 48

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