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Take on two fantastic cases involving mystery and intrigue as a world-famous detective. In Mystery P.I. - The Lottery Ticket, track down the $488 Million winning lottery ticket that has gone missing. If you find it in time, you'll get part of the winnings! In Mystery P.I. - The Vegas Heist, someone has snatched all the cash from a brand new casino just hours before the grand opening. Can you finger the culprit before the big night? Both titles offer an incredible array of fun and are packed with hidden object goodness. Search through over 40 locations for more than 4400 different and cleverly hidden objects. Play 6 distinct mini-games including Memory Match, Word Search, Tile Swap, and Jigsaw Puzzle. Use your knack for solving crimes and become a Master P.I.!

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    Mystery P.I. has offered us another treat in a form of a bundle pack. This time the content of this bundle pack is the Mystery P.I. Lottery Ticket and Mystery P.I. Las Vegas. So what does happen here? Well what we got here is special investigation pack that should satisfy every wannabe P.I. appetite. Because it is a bundle pack it would be wise to review one at a time, so chronologically I’ll start with Lottery Ticket. Mystery P.I. Lottery Ticket Lottery Ticket begins pretty realistic and gives the whole situation quite different twist. A lottery winner has lost its lottery ticket. Grandma Rose has been looking forward so much to this winning, but this could be a clear example of Murphy’s laws. So you have been hired to find the missing ticket, and the reward for that would be 20 million dollars. Now the lottery ticket is worth $488 million so why in the earth would anyone sane return the ticket and take $20 million? But this is a game and you’re a famous P.I. so I guess that will be enough for you as this won’t be the only income. Anyway $20 million, 12h that is the deal that you must fulfill and find that lottery ticket before the time runs out. Hidden object games have always been hard to handle as they have constantly been coming out in the casual market world and therefore the game that have been put together with great content and some nice story are almost certainly seen somewhere else. If it wasn’t seen in some of the popular games, then maybe a game that didn’t live to see any success at all had one thing good at it, and this is what gets all of the other games down. So the manufactures have turned to the storyline of the game to make it unpredictable as much as it can get. The game has 20 locations that you must search through. Well the word must is too harsh, but if you are thorough then in every location you will find one key item. 20 keys are necessary for you to find and to be able to unlock a bonus game mode – Unlimited Seek & Find and also additional location for you to look through. The game start by making your learn as you play and make your observation more and more accurate. The first levels have from 15 to 25 items that you need to find on its locations. However as the game advances so does the number of items, and every location contain more items that you need to find. The now the ratio of the beginning-last levels, the last levels go with the number of items climbing up to 100. The game has a couple of things that makes is stand out from the rest of the HOG. First of all is the part for the expert and veterans of the hidden object genre, as there are special games for that that only the best can solve. Another thing is that the items used for the game won’t repeat as you are usually accustomed to. There will be items that repeat but not in it the same way (same appearance). Something will always change making you think that you know what you are looking for when actually it is something very similar. There are some bad things in the game like the items when you are searching for them. When you find them and you know it is the right one, the game won’t accept your click. Or another case would be that the game manufactures have resorted to word manipulation, using some unusual names for some objects. Mystery P.I. Las Vegas This sequel to the Lottery Ticket was originally intended in many ways so what to think of it I’m not sure myself. Any way pretty much the game is the same as the Lottery Ticket, with of course its own story and some changes. The story is now set in the city that never sleeps, making it a perfect place for any type of action you want to happen, but they stick to original and most famous attraction of the L.V. and that is gambling. However this time we are talking in even bigger number then a lottery win, as a casino that is opening very soon has been robbed and from the main vault 4 billion dollars went missing. This time you have a bit more time to find the missing money and the reward is also bigger. 16 hours is given to you so you can find the money and the reward will be $50 million. Another difference from the previous part is that this time it has 25 clues that you must find. There where mini-games in the previous part but there had to be something that will stand out in this game, and for sure it is the mini-games. One puzzle calls for rotating the pieces until they are in place; another requires swapping pieces until they all land in their rightful places; and the third puzzle game calls for rotating and dragging pieces from the side onto their spots in the board. The forth one is the crossword. This is a very popular game, especially if you are a fan of word games. The hints in this game are the same as in the previous one. Depending on what type of game do you play, they can be unlimited or that cost you money. Does that cost you money, are more expensive then the items you are about to find, so it wouldn’t be wise to use them all the time. Anyway you have to earn the point for using the hint system on each level making it impossible to use from the beginning. The items system in this game is pretty much the replica of the Lottery Ticket and there isn’t anything new there. The bad side of the items finding is also still there as either they clicks won’t react sometimes or the game says that the right item isn’t the right one. All in all you can see what you get in this bundle package, and the download trial is there to test it out if you have any doubts, but the game offers enough content and more for the price it asks, you won’t hesitate to buy it if you haven’t bought it before.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 67

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