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Uncover a vast conspiracy involving a mysterious sect, former secret agents, and a long-forgotten machine that could solve the global energy crisis, as Michelle finds herself embroiled in the adventure of her life across picturesque Berlin in Mystery Stories - Berlin Nights. Then, Help Michelle cut through a network of lies, intrigue, secrets, and an ancient curse while on a hunt for the truth in Mystery Stories - Island of Hope. Both amazing adventures offer you over 180 wonderful scenes to search for thousands of hidden objects. Play against the clock or in Relaxed Mode as you search for objects and enjoy varied bonus games. Unlock extra modes and even enjoy your very own music while playing! Can you solve the mysteries in this thrilling hidden object double feature?

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    Another double pack is here, and this time it is Mystery Stories. The new thrilling adventures are here in a thrilling combination of these two sequels. In the Mystery Stories: Island of Hope Michelle is a reporter who travels to an exotic tropical island for a vacation – the first one she's had in three years. The story evolves when a Mayan artifact that could bring great misfortune to the world is stolen and Micelles only help in finding the item is a diving instructor on the island. The game is designed for every player on the market whether they like a rush of a clock ticking and to finish a level before it runs out, and for those who just want to enjoy the clicking and item collecting. The goal in both versions is to search various scenes to find a list of hidden objects before time runs out. Besides the items you need to find, there are items in a form of a bonus that you can collect to help you through the game. When it comes to the searching for the hidden items, besides the standard hidden objects search (searching for them using a list), there are other different challenges for you to shake up things a bit. There are those kinds of searches where you have similar items or exact items to find on different place and there is something called "Quick Search," where only one item is shown at a time and you must find it in 30 seconds or less, after which the next item is revealed, and so on… When it comes to searching the items, interactive items are nothing new to the genre and their combining too. You will have items that need to be combined so you can use them like flashlights to see in the dark, or a film of a camera to be able to take photo snaps. Another way of getting clues to the game is through audio samples. This way of getting clues is not so casual like the other ways, and frankly it is much more interesting and gives the game a new freshness. Occasional mini-games, like piecing together a torn document, playing a memory game, or picking a lock, are optional and can be skipped if the player chooses. Combining all of this together gives a very great end result and a game that won’t give you a top result, but it will provide with satisfactory gameplay. Unfortunately, gameplay is uneven in several respects. The most genuinely thrilling parts of the game are the situation-based scenes, where the objects you're clicking on actually have a logical context. There are some scenes in the game that are just too easy to solve and to figure them out. Often, labeling is actually quite off the mark, like calling a sandal a "shoe," or a cup of pencils "pen." Beyond the gameplay variety mentioned above, there's also a Puzzle mode in addition to the main mode where you can go back and play any of the scenes again. Now the story continues in the sequel to the game, Mystery Stories – Berlin Nights. The difference between these two games is quite exquisite. Almost every aspect of the game is improved, which resulted in a game that is much better than her predecessor. The game site has been changes as our journalist has gone to Berlin to uncover a truth about a secret project that was active during the World War 2. Michelle got a tip about a secret project that the German’s were investigating during the war, and its purpose was in producing a source of unlimited energy. The engineers of the German army have torn it apart into a great number of pieces, and you are the one who will find all of those items which are located in the city, but also underneath it too. A number of characters will be visited, and every one of them will help you in locating more and more items that you need to put together that machine. The search for the hidden items repeats itself in this part too, as you still search for items that are on a list by clicking on them, and there are also items of the same sort that need to be found, but in multiple numbers. Once you find the objects you click them with your mouse and they disappear from the scene and scratched off the list. Once you complete them all you can move onto the next location. Playing like a pro gives you points and advantages, but acting like an amateur mostly means game over for you. The game has a penalty system introduced, within which clicking too much means a penalty for you by taking away time from your clock. On the contrary, clicking and finding items very fast in the game gives you a game bonus which can vary with its effect. The hint system is quite a treat for the players, as it is quite a bit different than the ones that have become standard in the HOG genre. The hint system is based on clues that you find through the gameplay and their affect can vary, depending on what hint precision you need or what power-up you need. The ones you will use the most is the ones that show you the location of the very well hidden objects and the ones that add time to your counter or even stop it for some time. As for the search for the items, many of the ways of giving clues have remained the same including the audio clues, item combination and usage of items to discover other items. However, the system that intrigues me the most is the word play clues. You get set of clues and combining them reveals the item you are looking for such as “morning,” “daily” and “read” = newspaper. The mini-games are still there, and even though an improvement has been made in this area, still it is far away from perfect. Another objection that I have about the game is that when it comes to clues, some of them can become pretty unclear. Combinations of two or more items that are at least seen every day, if not used, don’t give the logical end result. In fact it gives another result, still in the branch of the searched item like parts of a stereo. Instead of a CD you are supposed to find a tape or something like that. The games two play modes with almost 100 levels are guarantee that the game provides couple of hours of extra fun, as even though it has some cons the pros of the game are on a much higher level.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Size 196

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