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Nancy has been invited to a resort vacation on a private island in the Bahamas. Scheduled to meet her best friend Bess Marvin and a cousin George Fayne, she arrives to find that the resorts owners are not around and Bess has been kidnapped! A ransom note is all that remains. Nancy and George are now forced to risk their lives on and in the sea to find the missing treasure of El Toros lost fleet. Only by tracking down this treasure can they hope to get Bess back alive. Play as Nancy Drew and George Fayne to rescue Bess! Decide their every move when you search for clues, solve puzzles and come face-to-face with many of the islands strange inhabitants. Drive, dive, sail and even play with monkeys around the expansive island where every reef, every beach and every hidden pathway can lead you to more clues and a greater danger!

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    The popular private sleuth Nancy Drew plans on taking a vacation in the Bahamas with her friends Bess and George but as she land there, more trouble than she ever imagined greets her with open arms. Her friend Bess Marvin is kidnapped and her abductors would only let her go if Nancy can get them the lost treasure of the notorious pirate “El Toro” and his Seven Virtues fleet. Hence Nancy finds herself taken up with work again in this interactive adventure. The twentieth version of Nancy's adventure features great graphics, stunning locales and intriguing puzzles. This fun game is set in the Caribbean and this adds to its appeal. The puzzle free games are elaborately planned and the clues are carefully laid. The puzzles involve a lot of note-taking and at times might be a tad too difficult for a young gamer. Nancy explores the entire span of Dread Isle to look for clues that might lead her to Bess' kidnappers or maybe even help in finding in the treasure. During the fun game, you have the option to play as different characters and the dialogue all along is surprisingly witty. There are a variety of other activities apart from the puzzles that can be a lot of fun. Playing games with monkeys; sailing around the island collecting messages in a bottle; rock climbing; scuba diving for lost treasure provide a refreshing break to the players. The best among 3d games rendition of the Bahamas, the pirate touch and the ubiquitous teen detective make a combination in this game which is really too good to resist.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 6.99
Size 1

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