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Trouble is brewing in paradise as someone or something destroyed important environmental experiments and pineapple crops on the big island of Hawaii. Luckily, Nancy Drew has taken an internship there to study insects and is now on the trail to solving this new case. Was the culprit a trouble-making thief or is it Kane Okala, a mythical creature said to be taking revenge on random victims? Step into Nancys shoes and find out! Take a walk through many of the islands beautiful locations and find the evidence to figure out who or what is causing the problems. Question suspects, uncover clues, and even design seashell necklaces, but dont forget your intern duties. If all else fails, call on your friends the Hardy Boys and bring them into the investigation! Dare to play the free trial version or get hooked by the full version of Nancy Drew The Creature of Kapu Cave and uncover the mystery before the Big Island becomes the Big Wasteland!

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    The 15th game in the Nancy Drew Mystery series, The creature of the Kapu Cave is an adventure games replete with the use of a phone, map and journal to keep Nancy moving along and on track; mini cool games; and activities to earn money, which is used to gain information. The game is full of exotic locations, a whole bunch of suspicious characters and an engaging story. It is essentially a first person slideshow kind of interface with arrows directing you to move around. The game starts of with Nancy arriving in Hawaii to assist Dr. Quigley Kim, an entomologist studying insects for clues as to why the pineapple crop is failing. This game also punches in the Hardy Boys and you can play them too!! Using your phone you can easily switch between Nancy and the Hardy Boys virtually any time by calling the other. This game is very much similar to style and feel to the Nancy Drew mysteries that were released so far. There are a lot of errands that Nancy needs to complete to make money. Apart from that the gameplay is dotted with numerous puzzles and myriad tasks including repairing a solar panel so she can power on a radio, figuring out how to get her 4x4 out of a ditch, or harvesting seeds for someone who is allergic to them. Most of the puzzles will involve entering in information such as numbers, names and types of various items into objects that will then be operable. There are a lot of entertaining mini pc games that refresh the players between puzzles and tasks. Another great aspect about the game is the opportunity to interact with a whole new bunch of quirky characters like horticulturist Craven, Big Island Mike Mapu and his daughter Pua. In the Kapu Cave, Nancy is primarily required to unravel the mystery behind ‘Okala, a mythic Hawaiian whose neighbors chucked him into a volcano. Folklore says that he somehow survived the molten lava and has been appearing from time to time to wreak revenge upon random victims. The challenges range from inventory to sorting and recording tasks to a board-game-like activity to pattern recognition and sequencing puzzle games. The tropical environment is inviting and the animations and cutscenes are superbly presented. Enjoy fun themed activities like snorkeling, collecting seashells, exploring a volcano and a huge collection of puzzles that match the setting. The presence of Hardy Boys in the same island deserves special mention and the fact that they are really playable characters is what attracts. Overall a nice fun game with two different difficulty levels and a captivating plot, Kapu Cave is here to stay.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 6.99
Size 951

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