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Become part of the hit reality TV show in Nanny 911 The Game, an entertaining time management game to whip distressed families back into shape! The kids are running out of control and their parents have no idea what to do. What can they do? Whom should they call for help? The nannies of Nanny 911 of course! These women have all of the expertise when it comes to raising kids and helping families tackle the issues creating chaos in their homes. Step into the mix and play as one of the nannies to direct these families back to health and happiness! Provide instructions and feedback to teach them responsibility, discipline and working as a cohesive family unit. If you need a break, try the Nannys Advice mini-game. Play Nanny 911 The Game free with the demo version, or get the full version today and save all of the families!

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    Based on the hit television show, Nanny 911 is a great one among PC games which is about helping parents to manage their kids. You play the role of a Nanny, trying to educate the parents on how to discipline and handle children better. It is a challenging time management game and one of the best ones of tycoon games from Gamehouse, Merscom and Overplay. There are three difficulty levels to choose from- Easy, Medium or Hard. Each level of difficulty is represented by three different nannies. You can choose to play these three in any random order. Your tasks range from cleaning, preparing meals, changing diapers to putting kids down for naps and stopping the fights. A level is made up of daytime and nighttime shifts. You have to maintain a strict vigil on the parents\' bad behavior and ensure that you set it right so that their discipline meter gets filled. Take appropriate action in weaning the adults from eating on the bed and taking a nap at the wrong time. There are fun mini games which are match-three style asking you to collect a specified number of certain items. It is a nice and challenging mix of different sizes, gender and culture that you play with. An erroneous activity by any of the parents is denoted in red and you need to keep switching between Mom and Dad modes to manage things right. You would aim at getting an A+ on your report card after you have finished playing through all five families. Overall it is a fascinating game with simple instructions and easy controls which can be played over and over again.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 6.99
Size 74

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