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For over twenty years you have been playing puzzle games, neglecting all other aspects of your life, and shocking your family and friends by doing so. Introducing Navigatris, a revolutionary game that will give you a reason to continue your bad habits! Keep your ship afloat by patching it with available repair blocks. Overcome bad weather, low crew morale, and warlike tribes in total of 21 unique levels and 3 different time periods. Upon starting each level, an advisor will brief you about your assigments and difficulties.

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    Navigatris is a fresh new take on the classic Tetris style/genre of arcade game. However, you should not let that fool you into thinking that being a good Tetris player will get you an easy ride in this game. The aim of Navigatris is to use tetris blocks to repair your ship (which is constantly falling apart), so that you can keep your ship afloat long enough to reach its destination. There are three stages in Navigatris, each spanning a different time period (Ancient, Industrial and Modern). Each stage consists of 7 levels, giving the player a total of 21 levels at three different difficulty levels. Each level may focus on a different aspect of game play, some requiring speed with the placement of blocks, while others require precising in matching the blocks to the gaps. There are many different types of power-ups that you can acquire (by catching various colored fish) during the level to help make the process easier, and on more difficult levels, these become absolutely essential to completing the level. However, here's where the differences from Tetris begin to emerge. Firstly, every stage in Navigatris has a time limit, and so you must ensure that the ship completes its journey within the specified time limit, otherwise it will simply run out of fuel (we believe), and sink to the bottom of the ocean. You can extend this time limit by obtaining power-ups that will add to the time limit. Secondly, the speed at which the speed travels depends on the integrity of the ship structure. That is, as the numbers of gaps begin to increase, the ship will slow down and cease to sail along. Once you start filling those gaps, the ship will resume its journey, but valuable (and precious) seconds will have been lost. Once again, there are various power-ups and Magic Blocks (you will come to love these) that will make the process much simpler. Navigatris is an excellent spin-off from the Tetris-related genre of arcade games, and offers plenty of interest for all. A combination of precision and reflex is required if you want to advance into the more difficult levels, the music is well suited and enhances the overall gaming experience. The only shortfall is the control, with the mouse clicks and sensitivity of the control becoming a problem in more difficult levels. A thoroughly entertaining experience, and one that fans of the classic Tetris will find especially nostalgic and enjoyable.

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Publisher Sheeparcade
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Price 19.95
Size 14

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