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Navy Field is a Massively Multiplayer Online Tactics Game developed by SDEnterNet a Korean games studio, and available in NA and Europe. This game is based on naval battles that toke place in the World War II, with all neat details like big guns battles, plane carriers, torpedoes attacks, all in played in a lobby system. While I don’t like most of the Korean games, they are a few out there that exit the usually fantasy grindish pattern with no real stories or features, Navy Field is one of these good games that come from time to time, from Korean Developers. Navy Field may be several years old, but it is still a one of a kind game. Players control one of several types of ships and take part in huge real-time battles which involve up to 128 players. Each ship has different strengths and weaknesses, but generally the larger ships are much more powerful than smaller vessels. This leads to some uneven gameplay, which is Navyfield’s major weakness. Veteran players are capable of blowing beginners out of the water in 1-2 shots from much greater distance, but luckily a fast experience rate means even new players will soon be controlling powerful ships. Depending on its size, a ship will require a certain number of sailors, of which new players start with nine.

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