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It’s 2021 everyone, which means a new year full of games! The pandemic is still here and if you feel like you haven’t played enough in 2020 then here’s a list of games for you to enjoy. Today’s article is about Nintendo switch games that we were waiting for this year.

We gathered here for you 5 games that are coming out in 2021 and that we are passionately looking forward to. This list is not written based on chronological order, some of p might be out yet some of them are still waiting for the right time to make the big show.


   5/ Apex Legends (Switch eShop)



Electronic Arts have declared that battle royale game Apex Legends is coming on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide this Fall. Created by Respawn Entertainment, it was delivered for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in February 2019 and will currently go to Nintendo switch.

It's a battle royale game where you have to choose your character and try to master his abilities and work as a team to become a legend. It's a team-play kind of game that needs good communication skills without the need for voice chat.


   4/ STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town (Switch)



This game is all about farming! You will have to take care of your grandfather’s farm and carry out his legacy. You will have to plant crops, raise animals, build relationships, and get to know the residents of your new home in this brand-new entry in the STORY OF SEASONS series!

You will have to eventually complete requests and improve the olive town. Marvelous' next installment in the Story of Seasons life/farm sim series is coming to Switch on 23rd March 2021.


   3/ New Pokémon Snap (Switch)



You’re a Pokémon lover and u have Nintendo! New Pokémon snap is coming to switch on the 30th of April 2021. In this game, you will have to seek out and take in-game photographs of Pokémon in their native environments and get to witness their behaviors in ways you’ve never seen before. While playing you will discover new islands and investigate the illumine phenomenon. I personally, as a Pokémon lover, am waiting for it and already saved up for it because it sounds worth investing in it.


   2/ Balan Wonderworld (Switch)



Balan wonderland is a 3D action platforming game that will be released on the 26th of March 2021.

The game turns around Balan, a mysterious maestro, along with the stars of his show Emma and Leo who have different abilities and costumes as they lead their adventure in the mysterious land of Wonderland. This game could be played by 1-2 players and has a great share of imagination and mystery in it. The game's graphics are also great and the looks of the characters, as well as the story itself, remind us of 3D SEGA games.


   1/ Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire (Switch eShop)



Finally, a game that is already released right? Well, Pillars of Eternity II got released in 2020 so you can pre-order yours now.

Playing Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity reminds us of Baldur’s Gate which is also available to be played on Nintendo switch. So, as Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire came 5 years after the previous game, and, from what the description on Nintendo's website says, everyone is hopeful that the game is not going to have similar problems to those that were found on Xbox and ps4 versions as they took their time to fix them. The game is supposed to come out anytime soon so get ready for some fun!

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