New Mortal Kombat X Character DLC Pack

New Mortal Kombat X Character DLC Pack description

There is now New Mortal Kombat X Character DLC Pack Teased

A company who made Mortal Kombat X ( NetherRealm Studio ) said that they hint upcoming characters who coming to game as a par of downloadable pack. There is picture where you can see NetherRealm Studio's creative director Ed Boon how writting on Twitter text.



Its really hard to make out character shadows so I've bumped brightness to help make the silhouettes clearer he said. They will release four new characters as part of this pack. New Mortal Kombat X pack including Predator, Tremor, Tanya and Jason Voorhees. Each character can be purchased individually.

Boon said after this 4 characters there will be soon much more, also he confirm that news would be shared this week officialy on their website. But keep eye we will follow all about Mortal Kombat X

Livestream is labeled by Tremor as being the final character in Kombat Pack..




New Mortal Kombat X Character DLC Pack screenshots

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