New unannounced Diablo project in the works

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On the previous BlizzCon in 2017, we were told that there will be a time for some Diablo-related content. And it seems that time is coming. One of the main giveaways that Blizzard is working on something Diablo related are the multiple job listings on their site for an "unnamed project", mainly for environment and technical elements of the game, and one listing even says a "dungeon artists".


On the job listing, it says "The minions of Hell are growing stronger... We're working on a new, unannounced Diablo project. Are you a skilled Dungeon Artist? Come work with us, and together we will build something exceptional."

The dungeon artist is required to create atmospheric levels / dungeons. A technical artist would help the environment and prop teams define, create, maintain and streamline the modelling and world-building pipeline and processes to bring to life the world of Sanctuary.

However, it is not clear if we're getting a new game, or a remake of an older Diablo. 

Well, we do have a few words from David Brevik, Diablo designer about that. "If they do a Diablo 2 Remaster, it’s going to be difficult to make it feel exactly like the same game. They could do it but they will have to go out of their way to ensure that they are simulating the way that the game works in 2D instead of making it 3D, if that makes sense."

We probably won't see anything on E3, since it is a few days from now, but we will most likely see something at BlizzCon 2018 - at leas we hope to see something there. 


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