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NHL 15 - True Hockey Physics





NHL 15 is the start of a new generation of hockey video games, where the sights, sounds and feel of the fastest team sport on the planet come to life in a way you’ve never experienced before.


12 Player NHL Collision Physics and Real Puck Physics capture the hard hitting chaos and unpredictability of hockey.



12 Player NHL ® Collision Physics utilizes the power of next generation consoles and the critically-acclaimed NHL Collision Physics system, to put every player on the ice into physics at all times. This means that every player on the ice is susceptible to authentic collisions, no matter the situation.



The result of this new physics system is true-to-life secondary collisions, net scrambles and player pileups that truly capture the desperation of every shift.



Completely rebuilt puck physics result in a more realistic feel to every puck interaction.

All-new Real Puck Physics leads to the unpredictable and authentic puck spins, rolls and bounces seen in a real NHL game.


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    For the first time in any sports game, real-world physics affects every player through every on-ice collision with the new 12 Player NHL ® Collision Physics. Utilizing the power of the next generation consoles, and building off the critically-acclaimed NHL Collision Physics system, every player on the ice is governed by physics at all times. Feel the hard-hitting chaos of NHL hockey through true-to-life secondary collisions, net scrambles and player pileups, capturing the desperation of every shift.




    The puck is one of the most complex items in the game to authentically replicate and it finally gets its due in NHL 15. Completely rebuilt puck physics result in a more realistic feel to every puck interaction. Everything on the ice, including the ice surface itself, is live which leads to the unpredictable and authentic puck spins, rolls and bounces seen in a real NHL game.




    Powered by the same technology that brought the most realistic representation of the athlete to EA SPORTS UFC, NHL 15 delivers groundbreaking player likeness, emotion and animation. From the strides a player takes to get up the ice to the emotion on their face after scoring a game winning goal, the players are as real as they’ve ever been.




    Now all the tools of an NHL superstar are in your hands. The revolutionary Skill Stick has evolved to give even more control to the player. Protect the puck, receive passes without breaking stride, and discover an arsenal of sweet new dekes, all with an intuitive right stick control scheme that is easy to use but packed with depth.




    New voices for a new generation. NHL 15 welcomes the NBC Sports commentary team of Mike 'Doc' Emrick and Eddie Olczyk to the broadcast booth. TSN analyst Ray Ferraro will provide game insights at ice level. Combined with Real Life Broadcast Integration that will feature real-world pre-game video commentary with Doc and Eddie set against in-game visuals, NHL 15 takes a revolutionary step forward in sports videogames; where the lines between the real world of sport broadcast and the game are blurred.




    The most realistic broadcast package in a video game to-date is possible because of a new partnership with NBC Sports. Set the scene with the NHL on NBC crew welcoming you to the city during the game intros and immerse yourself in an experience that matches what you see on television with NHL on NBC graphics and branding.




    An elevated level of player intelligence, Vision AI features evolved awareness with players reading and reacting to potential plays. Scoring area recognition, pass anticipation, and enhanced team breakouts all improve the flow of the game.



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NHL 15 news

  • NHL 15 - Content Patch Plan




    Thanks for being part of this journey as we head into the launch of NHL 15 on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, the start of a new generation of hockey videogames. We’re incredibly proud of the next-generation gameplay and presentation experience we’ve created for all our fans. From the Next-Generation Hockey Player and True Hockey Physics to the Unrivalled In-Arena Experience and a revolution in Broadcast Presentation, I’m extremely proud of what our team has delivered in one year on new technology. The focus on a new gameplay and presentation engine will not only deliver a great game now, but also give us the foundation to deliver next-generation hockey experiences to you for the years to come.

    However, we’re not done. We’re committed to keeping the experience fresh throughout the hockey season, in addition to the roster and ratings updates you’ve always received, the list below contains the free content updates for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 we’re working on and our expected window on when you will see them in the game:


    Playoff Mode



    Create a custom offline tournament bracket with up to 16 teams from any of the 12 leagues in the game. Play or simulate each game and track player and team stats throughout the tournament.

    Be A Pro - Coach Feedback

    Get the coach’s feedback while you are on the bench. The coach will give you tips on how to stay on top of your game and grade you on your play.

    3 Stars of the Game





    At the end of the game, see the three stars and their high level stats. Will apply to every game mode.

    Hockey Ultimate Team

    Several content updates, including:

    • Changed layout and navigation in HUT store
    • New animations for player items

    Improved edit lines screen to better identify players that are injured or require contract extensions


    Online Team Play



    Online multiplayer mode where every player on the ice can be human controlled.

    GM Draft

    For the first time in the NHL franchise, you will be put on the clock and feel the pressure like real NHL GM’s. You will now only have 3 minutes to make a draft pick. If the pressure is too much, you can also call timeouts to extend the amount of time you have to make a draft pick or potentially negotiate a trade. You can make trades at any time during the draft. The CPU will also propose trades to each other and the user throughout the draft.

  • NHL 15 - Hockey Ultimate Team - Season Opener



    Hockey Ultimate Team:

    Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) is the most played mode in EA SPORTS NHL and it’s easy to see why. Nowhere else can you build and play with a team composed of all your favorite players to create an ultimate dream team. Take your team online and face-off against other fan created teams from around the hockey world.

    HUT Season Opener:

    We are kicking off the NHL 15 Hockey Ultimate Team season with the annual HUT Season Opener Sweepstakes! We are giving away awesome prizes to EVERYONE and all you have to do is play (1) game of Hockey Ultimate Team.


    • Grand Prize: 2 tickets to an NHL regular season game (incl. travel and only available to NA players)
    • Runner Up Prize: 10 users will receive 1 HUT Gold Premium Packs (untradeable, unsellable)
    • Everyone: 1 HUT Gold Pack (untradeable, unsellable) – packs awarded on or before September 27

    Here is how to enter:

    1) Create a HUT Team

    Enter Hockey Ultimate Team from the NHL 15 main menu. Enter a team name and abbreviation and open your starter pack.

    2) Play a HUT

    Game Once your select BUILD TEAM you are all set up to jump into your first HUT game. Go to the PLAY tab and select ONLINE SEASONS or PLAY SOLO and complete one game of HUT.

    3) That’s it!

    Once you finish your game you’ll automatically be entered into the sweepstakes. You must play your first game from September 12 to Sept 22 at 11:59pm PT to qualify.

    Here to redeem your Gold Pack:

    Everyone who plays a HUT game between September 12 to Sept 22 at 11:59pm will receive a HUT Gold Pack on Sept 27. To redeem your pack go to UNOPENED PACKS on the HUT main menu.

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