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Your farming village is under attack by angry scarecrows come to life! These straw soldiers have woken up from decades of sleep and are determined to exact payment for their years of silent servitude. The villagers are looking to you to be their hero and stop the monsters' scary shuffle across town. Will you answer the call? Keep the oncoming army at bay by using strategy and speed. Use torches and pitchforks to light groups of three or more on fire and eliminate them. Watch as they gasp in horror as you unleash the power of your rampaging goat and diving crow. Destroy the scarecrows before they reach the village gates!

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  • Night of the Scarecrows

    Angry scarecrows are attacking you village in a frenzy and you need to rescue your villagers from their mighty wrath. The crows have used their magic to bring scarecrows to life and they have sent a bevy of them towards the village. The village is under siege and you have to go all out and make sure that you save the village from being plundered. The main game is predominantly based on match 3 game-play. The top of the game board represents the corn fields, and the bottom the village gates. You would have to keep on clearing the board before it fills up and with scarecrows and reach the gates. The fun part is the many different types of scarecrows represented in the game like pumpkin head, pail head, steer skeleton head and bag head. These scarecrows form a group and proceed towards the bottom of the board. You would have to use your mouse which is a small torch and burn these scarecrows in groups of three to eliminate them from the board. You get bonus points for burning bigger groups of these alien invaders. Another nice feature of the game is if you can burn seven or more scarecrows in a single group, you would be helped by a crow. The crow will chase a scarecrow you choose and ones of the similar type towards the corn fields, thus helping you eliminate them easily. There are many other forms of powerups in the game as well like a bleating goat and a pitchfork which help you clear the board faster. The excellent artwork and the spooky Halloween theme make this game a must have for any match three game fan.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 97

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