Now There Are 675,000 Apps in Google Play Store

Now There Are 675,000 Apps in Google Play Store description

We all know that Apples App Store has around 700,000+ apps and has more than 35 billion downloads. No Google has revealed that it is nipping at Apple’s heel with 675,000 games and apps in the Google Play Store and over 25 billion downloads. And apple only hit 25 billion downloads just 6 months ago. And more than half of the Android app downloads have taken place within the last year.

So it seems that Google has finally been able to close the 3rd-party application gap with Apple’s App Store. However, Apple is still 10 billion app downloads ahead of Google. And although the monetization statistics show that Android app downloads are still steadily improving, Apple’s apps are also showing a good monetize rate of 40%-50%.

A survey, which took 7 months ago, revealed that 2 out of 3 Android users have never downloaded a paid app. This could be one of the reasons that many premium game and app developers always prioritize on App store.

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