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ourWorld is impeccable at snagging the attention of its chief audience, tweens and teens. That much is certain just from a quick playthrough of the game's areas - At just about any time of the day, even school hours curiously enough, there are plenty of teenagers commenting about one another's outfits and befriending each other in the various social and gaming lounges offered by the programmers. However, there is an insular feeling that surrounds ourWorld, making it a bit less accessible than, say, Moshi Monsters, even accounting for their vastly different subject matter. While Moshi Monsters is cute and adorable to almost an excessive level, anyone can find something to enjoy and challenge themselves with during gameplay. I am a 25-year-old man, but I still had fun finding rare monsters with different plant combinations and trying to best my own puzzle-solving records. In ourWorld, I felt completely detached from all of the social aspects, which do make up a significant portion of the experience. If you are outside of the game's target demographic, then it simply won't hold as much lasting appeal for you... Yet, I imagine that if you are in the game's demographic, part of the appeal is knowing that older kids and parents might not be able to stomach it. This is a game you will supervise your children playing more than engaging in it yourself.

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