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Successfully completing Mr. Gate's request to run his resort company, you've cemented your place as one of the top planners for vacation spots. But there's no time to rest on your laurels because many new tourists and a host of wonderful islands are waiting for the next man-made paradise. Can you deliver the best once again? Take to legendary islands in the Mediterranean Sea, secret beaches in China, coral reefs off the Australian coast, and lost islands in the Pacific Ocean to create the hottest vacation spots. Meet amazing new people, encounter strange animals, and save endangered species as you witness unbelievable love stories, complete daring business projects, and more in 40 trying levels. There are dozens of plants, facilities, and accessories as always, and you have the total freedom to build as you wish. Just remember to use employees wisely, keep things clean, and protect your guests. So what are you waiting for?

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    When it comes to beach resorts you will find them in some different shapes and sizes, but you won’t find the right one until your whole vacation time is over. This can happen a lot of times so why not build your own vacation site in Paradise Beach 2 – Around the World?! The main goal of the game is like I just said to create a resort but not just any resort, a perfect resort that has everything that customers need to have on the beach including some demands that are not quite an everyday demand. But to create a perfect beach you will need founds for the decorations and the necessities for maintaining it and upgrading it all the time. The game goes around your customers all the time and you do whatever they want you to do. Most of those demands are: special services, building certain building or upgrading the building that already exist, or the one you will do the most is cleaning the beaches and the island. But like I said this is all maintain and building the island and this requires cash all the time. This money you can earn by constructing ice cream and fruit stands, restaurants, volleyball courts, clothing stores, and a large number of other entertainment facilities. The beauty of this game (but it was expected unlike its predecessor) is the various decorations that are given in the game to use. Take this detail and combine it with the fact that there are eight different island on which you will work on and you can create such beautiful landscapes that anyone would imagine they are in paradise. These 8 islands are divided in 40 levels providing with so much hours of game play you won’t be able to feel unsatisfied when it comes to this game. The thing that you will like about the game are the customers themselves, as besides the services you will have times when you will have to watch them from themselves which is kind of funny but this is one of the points of the game. Another thing besides being funny is the rating or better reviews that the customers will be giving you for the island on which they are located on. You will be rated by the color or the smiley that turn up on the customers: Green or happy smiley meaning everything is ok, yellow smileys mean that mostly everything is ok however there are some oversights that need to be fixed and that is generally cleaning the beaches or upgrading your business and houses to a new level so they satisfy the standards of your customers; The angry ones or the red, well nothing is done to their wishes so be ready for some very negative reviewing. Earning a certain number of positive reviews is one of your goals in nearly every level, so satisfying needs of visitors is the key to success. The game is a simulation and has been made to imitate the conditions of the resorts to the maximum confronting you with the good and the bad being on a resort. The good well everybody knows the good but the bad is sometimes greater than the good as it comes in all forms and shapes so you will have to be prepared for any type of situation that can occur. To prevent these bad things you will be searching through the gameplay for the lost items of the visitors and returning it back to them. Also you will be rescuing your visitors from drowning or if you spot a visitor who is going to collapse because of the heat outside. But soon this will become too much to handle with all the other obligations you have for the game and the customers. Some of those helpers are engineers, custodians, nurses, security guards and life preservers. Every worker will have its own duties but the ones that you will personally have the most benefits are the engineers. The game has mass improvements from its predecessor, with some mistakes still remaining, however there are certain situations when you can’t do anything about the beautifully done graphics in the game, which makes you stop the game for a while and simply enjoy the view. If you are searching for a game that will provide with some serious challenges at times and test your resource management skills than this is a game for you. The mini-games that the game has within it will definitely work as great shakers if you feel you’re getting too much sucked in the game and its gameplay. When you finish with the story mode there is a sandbox mode and you will be enjoying extra gameplay time that the game is always happy to provide.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 6.99
Size 121

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