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Console gaming and PC gaming are two different sides of a same coin. Your goal is same, both of the users are game lovers but even then it is portrayed that they are enemies. Why does this happen? There are lots of reasons behind that. Which one is actually a better option in today's world? We will know these things in this article.



Why PC is better?  

You actually are able to use PC for a lot more works than only gaming. This is the most important feature and benefit of a PC. You can play games in it and most importantly, you can browse, watch movies, chat around and do any digital work via your PC. This is the most basic and the most influential reason for people to buy PC over console. 

There are other reasons too. You will not find every game releasing for the consoles. There are lots of games that are being released everyday. Most of them are small games on a huge focus group. You can't get those awesome small and childish games in your console. This is why PC is better. 

Also, PC focuses for a total family group rather than one hardcore gamer. Consoles are mostly for hardcore gamer. If you are living in a family where your small brother or mom is interested to play small games and you are interested to play hardcore games then there is no better option than using a PC. 

There are lots of people who like to use mouse pointers to look around rather than a controller. PC is obviously a better choice in that case too. 

A regular PC doesn't cost much. It costly actually way lower than the consoles. Again, PC games don't cost that much if you compare it to the console games. PC is vastly customizable and you can make your PC be able to play any game you want by upgrading it. 


Why Consoles are Better?

Consoles are better for a lot of reasons. The first reason is, you don't have to worry about upgrading your graphics after every six months whenever new games are released which is very common for PC users. Consoles come with a set graphics and you can play any game you want if the game says that it is playable on your console. For example, Far Cry is playable to PC but that does not mean that you can play Far Cry in your PC. You need to have proper required things for that but when Ubisoft says that Far Cry is playable to Xbox 360 or PlayStation 4, it means that all Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4 owners will be able to play this game. They don't have to worry about the graphics or any other thing. 

Consoles are cheaper than PC and they don't need to be upgraded. Every console company release their consoles after every 3-4 years and it is guaranteed that you can play all the games of a 8 year period within your console. Currently the best consoles are Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and it is guaranteed that you can play all the latest games with these two consoles for next 8 years.

Another benefit of console is the ability to play games early. Almost all gaming companies now release games initially for the console and later for the PC. Recently this thing happened with all the games from Fifa 15 to GTA V. So, if you have a console then you can play games early than the PC gamers.  

So it can be said that console is better if you are a hardcore gamer and if you are a moderate gamer then PC will be a better option for you. 

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borg(Master Yoda) December 31st, 2014

Kernel, HaswellCore, although I agree with you about quality of the article I would like to point that anyone can add his article/opinion here. So feel free to add your's (better) article than this one. May the force be with you.

Kernel( ) December 25th, 2014

This article is so.... incomplete... and leads to nothing.. Where is the comparison. Where are the study cases, where are the relevant points to compare and where are the shared and unique features of each option... It is almost like the author opened a notepad and wrote "If you like PCs , they are better. IF you like Consoles, they are better" and then kept writing around it for like an hour to made this "article". Please expand and contrast next time. (sorry for my bad englerinno)

HASWELLCORE( ) December 8th, 2014

Worst article ever. A hardcore gamer doesnt want to play on a console with 30 FPS and 900p. He wants to play CS with 120+ FPS with mouse and keyboard. "A regular PC doesn't cost much. It costly actually way lower than the consoles". Theres no good sub 200$ PC. And theres no good gaming pc that costs less than the current gen consoles. And the first parts makes no sence because it's PC Gaming in the headline. "Every console company release their consoles after every 3-4 years". Nope. PS3? 8 years?...

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