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Create your own garden - Feed the Planet! Have you ever been in a little nice garden? Don't you love the idea to have your own and to grow cabbage, carrots, strawberry, tomatoes and lots of fruits and vegetables? Well, this is your chance to have a garden on your own and to care about it. Here you can create one and do whatever you decide with it. Growing your vegetables, you can trade them using the market. You can make your garden so beautiful and prospective that will be visited by more and more clients! Make your Penguin the best Farmer! Well, once you have your garden, you should start taking care of it. You start to grow some vegetables and after you water them, you will have your first harvest! Yeah, it is all yours and you can do with it whatever you want to. That is why, this is an economic game as your decisions are important for your gameplay. You can start to sell your vegetables or fruits on the market, but you should have in mind that you cannot make it every day. With growing more and more you start to raise level. Higher level means more types of fruits and vegetables in your garden. Penguin Farmer is a fun economic browser online game. The player is a nice and funny Penguin who has got his own garden and grows whatever he or she likes in it. The game allows the player to fully customize the look of the garden, to choose how to manage it. Rich variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers is available, so the player can chose which ones to grow. The game has a very easy to understand graphical interface which should lead even non experience gamers fast in the game and its controls.

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