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This remarkable hidden object game puts you right in the middle of one of the most romantic tales of all time. Meet Captain John Smith, famed explorer and settler, as he steps off his ship to start a new life in America. Search countless, historically accurate locations for hidden objects as the lives of Pocahontas and Captain Smith intertwine and change the course of history. Featuring hundreds of hidden objects to find, glorious full-screen graphics, and hours of engrossing fun, Pocahontas - Princess of the Powhatan is an incredible journey through the past for gamers everywhere.

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    This is a brand new release in the hidden object games genre from Twintale Entertainment. The game follows Pocahontas' story and lets the player join in her long journey from her native birthplace to London and her love-story with Captain Smith. The XVII century historical figure who played a major role in fostering relations between North American tribes and European explorers, and eventually married a British man and moved with her husband to England, living there for the rest of her life has become a subject of American Folklore. The basic game-play consists of seek and find sessions where you the backdrop ranges from London to the undiscovered shores of the New World. The objects are very well hidden in the scenes and are quite hard to spot. There is a hint button which gives a clue on the location of the object to be found but it would take a while for the hint system to be ready with another one after having used a hint. But unlike other hidden object games, here the hints are unlimited. The plot in the game unfolds as cut-scenes packed in between hidden object levels. At certain points, the script deviates from the original storyline and the hidden objects do not always go well with the old world theme of the game. There are a couple of fun mini-games and some interesting puzzles that players get to play on separate screens. Guiding Pocahontas out of a forest labyrinth or assembling jigsaw puzzles are some of the tasks that entertain the gamer apart from the spot-the-item activity. The backgrounds are beautifully done and the music in the game sets you in the mood of an exciting adventure. Turning back time and reliving the enchanting historical story is sure a lot of fun. Pocahontas: Princess of Powhatan blends the magic of history with the thrill of adventure and puzzle game-play.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 60

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