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The game offers various intense race modes to allow you to showcase both your driving and battling skills. PAM features an accessible physics-based driving model that allows you to sense the immense speed of all the post apocalyptic vehicles as well as feel every bone-jarring impact from both weapons and the tracks. Play single-player or battle up to five friends in online multiplayer mode.

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    Racing cars and crashing cars must be one of the greatest desires of any man who wants to feel the rush of adrenaline through his veins. Racing cars at high velocities normally does the trick, however people are turning to new type of racing where the speed is crucial element, but it is only a part of a much bigger picture. This represents and tries to revive a couple of years old formula for combination of genres in which only some of the games have resulted triumphal. Post Apocalyptic Mayhem tries to accomplish the success of a game like Twister Metal, which was a much played game, from where I come from. However, even if the idea is pretty much the same, the realization of this idea with this game was not as good as with Twister Metal. The story of the game has been set in the future, after a nuclear disaster in the world, which resulted in a fight between drivers of cars in a death match battles. This is the whole point of the game, to destroy (kill) as many opponents as you can and be the one on top. You won’t be racing at all through the game, well not at least racing that counts, so your concentration should be put on destroying as much enemies as it is possible. To do that you have to pick out one from six introduced cars. The cars are different not just in the weapons they use, but also cars speed, acceleration and so forth. The competition can be driven on one out of three stages which are given in the game, which is kind of not enough for this type of game. This has brought great disappointment to this game, as the potential of the game has been seen on the beginning of the game with the start runs the initial weapons given, and the cars that can be driven. The problem of the game lies just there, as the game developers have ended the game on that point not giving it any extra accomplishments, any additional parts, cars and tracks at all. The game is played in two modes: Arcade and Apocalyptic Challenge mode. In the Arcade mode you are fighting the games AI one track at a time, while in the Challenge mode you must past all three stages together to be able to continue forward. The game can be played in three different difficulties: Easy, Normal and Hard. Easy and Normal mode are almost pretty much the same, as the only thing you need to be worried about is the timing of using one of your weapons you have picked up while you were driving. If you get to be last this can be kind of bad as you have no one to destroy that is if you can’t catch up with anyone. So when choosing a car, it should be at least somewhat able to race with the other cars in order if you want to destroy them. In the Hard difficulty besides the kills you need to accomplish to be the first (having the greatest numbers of kills) you need to end first or at least be always there around, but usually this doesn’t represent a great problem due to the different power ups that are available for usage and combat other cars that are controlled by the AI. There are four different power-ups/attacks you can use on your vehicle. The first three power-ups are collected like previously said and those are: Frontal attack, Side Attack and rear or Dump attack. Frontal or Front attack weapon is a short-range weapon which you will probably start using if you are playing in Hard mode due to the bigger amount of overtaking’s by the AI, the rear weapon speaks for itself while the Side weapon will probably be the most used one. I also mentioned the potential of this game, as this left a hole in the game that could be easily filled with some Elementary attack, tracking missiles, grenade launchers, etc…and this is only just the beginning of the wide specter of possibilities. Besides the single mode, you can tune this game in Multiplayer mode, on the Internet. Multiplayer is only slightly better than the single player by having 3 gameplay modes. Total Mayhem, most kills in a certain amount of time, Laps Mayhem, an actually race, and Kills Mayhem, first person to get to X amount of kills. Now one of the better things about this game is the graphics of the game, as it kind of keeps up with the graphics technology on the market. Unfortunately for us, the players, most of the action will be done behind you will either destroy your opponents using your side weapons or rear/drop weapons. There is the fourth weapon that is different with every other car, because that is its special attack. Like the rest of the game, the sound of the game will sound pretty nice, but after three different tracks come into a loop, it might get a bit border some to listen it again. So remember, especially if you are playing in the Hard mode, keep away from those slow cars, as they will cost you more than once, when your opponents start taking those power-ups in front of you leaving you with almost nothing.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 9.99
Size 2

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