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The whole price going down story was there in the market for more than three years now. We hear almost everyday that the price of Xbox is going down or the price of PlayStation is going up and so on. The thing is, these information end up being fake in most of the cases. In one or two cases like the incident happened two years ago, these information are true but in at least 99% of cases, these information are false. 



It is up to you whether you will believe it or not but the words have started to flow once again. The whole story started when the price of PlayStation has dropped in Japan recently. Japan console market is facing a tremendous competition when it comes to consoles and following this competition, PlayStation decided this month that they are going to reduce their price to compete against Xbox. That is exactly what they did last week. Though the results are not great yet, it looks like that they will be giving tough time to Xbox once again. The questioning also has started that as PlayStation price dropped in Japan, will there be a drop in USA and possibly in other parts of the world too?  

According to the famous manager of Xbox Phil Spencer, that's just about a sure thing, though it doesn't worry him about Microsoft's own plans for this holiday. He said this yesterday:

"I fully expect they [PlayStation] will drop price," When I think about the playbook they've used in the past, we feel good about the plans we have in place going forward in the holiday. If history tells, then we'll see a price drop from them coming."

Holiday is always a big event for every business owners and Sony and Microsoft are ready to take their cut of the cakes. The PS4 launched in November 2013 priced at $400, where it's stood ever since. By comparison, the Xbox One debuted at $500 (with a Kinect camera), but later dropped to $400 and then again to $350 where it stands today for the base model without the Kinect. This shows that Xbox is ready to compromise where Sony was losing share and it also looks like Sony has learnt lessons. 

It is now time to wait and watch these sharks battle. There is a high chance that you will see reduced price in terms of PS4. You should start saving money, now. 

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