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A once-sleeping danger is now awake near the small town of Verloren, where goblins and other devious creatures are attacking. Only one hero is brave enough to stop them. Jump into the action and save the village utilizing your Match 3 battle skills in this wonderful fantasy adventure. Select your character from four different classes with different skills and take on these invaders in epic head-to-head battles. Customize your character with powerful weapons and magic. Learn to use Mana gems, earn treasure, and strike at the heart of evil to win! With an original storyline, immersive 3rd person exploration, three enjoyable play modes, new and unique mini-games, plus an easy-to-play and addicting game mechanic, Puzzle Quest 2 is the ultimate Match 3 adventure.

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    The original Puzzle Quest was an overture for its final sequel but the original game was a composition for itself. When three years ago Infinite Interactive released the Puzzle Quest, you could see their role model game, Bejeweled, was turned into something that almost everyone wouldn’t expect, and that experiment turned out to be a huge success. The match 3 part of the game was already good, but adding the monster part fights to the game, quests and leveling up, that all came pretty good together. Before the Puzzle Quest 2, Puzzle Quest had another release Galactrix. This game was supposed to be a major success, but the P.Q. 2 had that success, not the second release of the game. Puzzle Quest 2 plays very similarly to the original; you travel around doing odd jobs for people while hunting down the root of a mysterious evil, and all of your battles play out on a match-three puzzle-field. Along the way you'll engage in hundreds of one-on-one match-3 showdowns with orcs, goblins, gelatinous cubes and other monsters. But there are now many other differences in the game, especially outside the battle games. Before you would travel around the world across a world map, but now it is different and in my opinion much better the previous part, as you are now traveling around the cities and dungeons on a much smaller scale but much more detailed. Most of the game is set underneath the city in the catacombs. You will be searching through rooms, and there you will discover different enemies that you must face and treasures to be looted. As in the first game, should you decide to engage the enemy, the game will switch to puzzle mode. Each color of gem represents a different type of mana, the energy you need to cast spells. AS for the skulls, they are used to inflict direct damage to the enemy. What you will discover in the game as the greatest newness is the ability to equip additional items like weapons, armors, or spells and potions that you can use during the battles. Gauntlets on the matching field are used to acquire action points, which are then used by you through the item that is equipped. You can use that items for attacking, defending or haling yourself, depending on the special item, that every character possess. During the puzzle game you will get a chance to win different treasures. Depending on what match you make, four or five, the greater the treasure it will be. You will be sometimes in the situation that requires from you to vanquish the boss of the level first and then the rest of his minions. To do that your character uses portals to quick-travel between the current location and the town, which serves as home base. After dealing with the boss, you then go back finish them off one by one. There is also some additional mini-games that you will find interesting, also played through match 3.When unlocking doors, you will do that by matching gems, and that will produce door icons, making the door, open. The same goes for the hidden object games, and the treasure finding part. You will get additional mode to the game as well. The game Tournament is something you cannot miss, as you will have teams of four battling against other four monsters or characters in a death-match where the last standing player wins. The character that wins the match, does not replenish his health, but stays the same for the next fight. The game has a hint system available too, but it is up to you whether you will listen to it or not. It can point you in the right direction in that moment, but will that have a good effect on the later gameplay and how will it evolve, like I said it is up to you to decide what to do… The game offers a multiplayer option over Steam, and if finding enough friends you will come to encounter some vicious enemies. What the game has done very well also, in a case of accidental crashing or shutting down the game or PC for that matter, for any reason, you don’t have to worry as the game has an in-built auto-save system which is activated with any event triggered(quest, battles, equipment change, etc…) All that is left to say, a game with this kind of graphics, gameplay is something not be put a side that easily as the addictiveness that it will produce with many players, they just won’t be able to forget and leave it all. Asking for more, will become a necessity!!!

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 6.99
Size 394

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