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Space combat simulation and resource gathering have always had their fans in a large population of video players. This game brings some newspapers that did not exist in earlier similar games. A similar game has even think that this whole genre begins with an extraordinary game that these days there are many successful continuation. Of course everyone knows about the Games in question. Elite. This is a game that marked the youth of many of the players and they with great nostalgia many a night spent with this game. Spectrum and Commodore computers were brought to the boil due to the long and uninterrupted gaming.



Rebel Galaxy randomly generated universe in which the game takes place. In the game you have the vast reaches of space in which trade, explore and fight. The money you earn can be used for the improvement of their spaceship, arming and buying parts for the defense. Of course you can choose and peaceful approach of entering into alliances with other captains. All this is going to make such a good atmosphere and gameplay that can not wait to play comes out. Rebel Galaxy comes out for a few days and 20.10.2015 for the PC, a version for the PS4 and Xbox One little later.



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