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Olivia just purchased a penthouse suite but the previous owner left it in shambles. With the help of a local contractor, she's determined to turn it into a modernized sanctuary of comfort and style. Her design skills are soon recognized by others around her who then request her help in renovating their own homes. Has Olivia finally found her true calling? Join Olivia in her fantastic new career as she converts dilapidated rooms into stunning spaces for all to enjoy. Search through 35 scenes to clear out the clutter or gather supplies, then renovate rooms selecting all manner of colors, fixtures, furniture, and more, as you desire. Restore a penthouse apartment, refurbish a worn down home, and even design a seaside estate!

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    When you think of it better you can realize that every once in a while you become your own designer. Logically you start from small things and experiment: a vase, a flower, some sort of furniture, decorations on the walls, etc… Now judging by how my flat looks like you could call it a real ‘something’. I can’t even explain the woman’s touch in this flat, as within it you can find stuff 100 years old or even some that are going to be discovered in the future by someone. What I meant to say everything is so colorful and unusual. If I could have decided a bit more when it comes to its decorating, then probably it would look a bit more modern, however it would certainly at the end started to look like as a junkyard of computer parts and God knows what kind of special decorations. Here you will meet Olivia, a person who is in a much better position than me as she has just bought herself a nice penthouse but with a couple of complications. The first and biggest complications is that even though the penthouse has a nice location it is totally demolished and full with different junk inside of it. But this won’t get our heroine down as she decides why she shouldn’t fix up the place with the help of a contractor. The previous owners were like pigs by judging the condition of the penthouse, and this is the beginning of a hidden object search that has a special direction. You will start looking for different objects from a task list that is given to you. At the beginning of the game you will first decorate this penthouse which will become a launching pad for you and give your visitors the impression of how much taste and talent you’ve got for such things. After a couple of thumbs up, you will realize that the talent is there and all there is left to do is start your own flat designing and decoration business. As she takes up this route, she has to deal with the spaces of different sizes and styles as well as in different locations - apartments, penthouse suites, ocean estates, etc... This game isn’t at all about difficulty and challenge. The game is created for the ones who want to express their creative side and in this game they have at least a small opportunity for that. The first part of level (house, flat) would be cleaning the space that is filled with different stuff that is either lying there or hidden is some way. After you clean up the room from those items, you can then start the decoration of the object. The objects that you find through the game are not so story involved and they don’t have anything that special that connects them to the story. So this means the thing you are searching for are intentionally set in that way to make the search as harder as it can get, however due to the fact that there is a hint system that is rechargeable, there shouldn’t be any greater problems that you’ll encounter and not be able to solve. So everything has been found, everything is checked on the tasks list, and this means you are starting your decoration. You will be choosing between three different types of decorations and appliances. One of them is the floor, the next one would be walls and the final one would be the final touch with the decors. When you have finished selecting the things that you need and want, the contractor will start its business. However, not everything will be going that smoothly, like the contractor will get an injury during his work, which will make you clean his office… Luckily you don’t have any time limit you need to follow or there would be trouble. There will be a couple of bonuses in the game, like when you go and visit the furniture store and you have the possibility of winning extra furniture for your decorations business. Also a couple of hidden challenges are there to add additional things to your decoration list. The game is set into 35 scenes; however as I can recall none of them showed be the headline of this game, Boston as it was supposed to be there, isn’t it? You can see through the window a couple of times during the gameplay, but I haven’t seen anything distinctive about this city. Maybe you will be luckier or you have a better and keener for such details especially if you have seen the city with your eyes or at least you are familiar with the city through some sources.

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