Rocket League Proved That Idea is Everything

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The summer has almost ended. All the latest game came into the market including the mighty Fifa and PES battle. We are not going to talk about this battle in this article. We are going to talk about something really interesting which the gaming world didn't see for a long time. 

A game recently proved once again that if you have a different idea which is fun, everyone will love playing your game. This is the same idea which made games like floppy bird the best seller but who thought that the tough gaming console industry will see a game like this. 



We are talking about Rocket League, the game which was released in July, 2015 and it already grossed more than 6 million in terms of game play. This game is the biggest hit of summer as it went over Batman and Metal Gear Solid V which were the biggest games of this summer. 

The game is all about a simple idea. People love to play racing games, people also love to play games such as Fifa or PES. What if they both are combined in an interesting game where the gamer will have to use cars instead of players to score goal in football nets? That was the thought of this game and it paid out pretty well. 

The graphics is not mesmerizing though it matches the gaming situation. There is no such thing as exclusive cars or big football fields with crowd and commentary. Everything happens in a caged box where cars compete against one another in small battles to win matches. 

The whole crew of Rocket League are delighted of this thought that this game over passed major games of summer in terms of sales and number of hours played. They recently made a few statements: 

“It’s good for the industry to let people know that these sorts of games are selling well. It lets them know that when a new or unusual idea comes along, there’s an audience for it. 

“For us, it’s a really great validation that there’s strength in something new and that you don’t have to stick with the classics. You don’t always have to do a shooter, or if you’re going to do a car game it doesn’t necessarily have to be a racing game. 

“It’s a helpful tool for the industry to get a better understanding of just what’s going on and what people are thinking. That’s why we release sales figures, and it’s a bit of self-congratulation, because it feels crazy to say that we have over 6m players already.” 

“That’s way above what we expected. We take every opportunity we can to let people know we hit big.”


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