éQuipe De Sauvetage 911

Forza Horizon 4 massive car list leaked

The upcoming Forza Horizon 4 will have an absolutely massive garage, with almost 500 cars!

Nanny 911(TM) - The Game

Become part of the hit reality TV show and whip distressed families back into shape!

Project Rescue Africa

Feed, protect, and rescue exotic African animals in Project Rescue: Africa! Keep your critters safe using your Time Management talents and build up your wildlife preserve. Keep the dreaded poachers away and keep the savannah safe for generations to come. Once your animals have reached adulthood, send them back into the wild to live a fun and happy life! Dive into Project Rescue: Africa today!

Margrave: The Blacksmith's Daughter Collector's Edition

Embark on a thrilling rescue mission in the Town of the Cyclops!

Margrave: The Blacksmith's Daughter

1: embarks on a rescue mission into the town. Her only chance of escape is to return life to the arcane machines, and hope to...
2: appears for a single day once every three hundred years, on an island lost to cartographers. On this Day of Alignment, the town...

Nightmare on the Pacific Premium Edition

Endure an oceanic catastrophe in a riveting seek-and-find adventure of epic proportions.

Robo Rescue

The latest game on Kalydo - Robo Rescue has been in beta for a few weeks now. Robo Rescue features tons of levels, action packed gameplay, puzzle solving. Customize your male or female Robo character for hours of fun!

Sky Taxi 2 - Storm 2012

1: Find secret items, earn bonuses, battle Super Bosses, and play arcade mini-games. With simple controls, colorful graphics, and...
2: will keep you hoppin' and boppin' for months! There aren't many arcade games that count as good ones on the market of games, but...
3: with some serious skills, to protect all and save all. As many arcade games on the market, this game also has load of obstacles...
4: cost you a life. As we are talking about one of the better arcade games, it’s only fair that the game has enough content to...
5: Some levels have a pavilion that you can enter to play an arcade mini-game. The only disappointing thing about this game...

Ankh: The Lost Treasures

A temple is looted, a ship disappears without a trace on the Nile, and an incredible treasure is lost, forever? Not if young Thara and her somewhat awkward companions solve the mystery! This cryptic treasure hunt in ancient Egypt teems with objects from luscious to ludicrous, and all garnished with dashes of finely tuned humor. Never one to pass up a quip, clever Thara must find a legendary ancient artifact to save her mortally ill father's life.

Kaptain Brawe - A Brawe New World Episode 1

1: To combat this lawlessness, the space police is on high alert, none more enthused about his duties than Kaptain Brawe himself....

Hello Kitty Roller Rescue

Choose and race from different Sanrio friends.

Third Rock Rescue

1: Save all of the escaped aliens then rescue your classmates from the government operatives....
2: Save all of the escaped aliens then rescue your classmates from the government operatives....

Rockface Rescue

It is a very well presented game of balance where it is necessary to steer a helicopter and recover victims

Vegetable Rescue

Rescue Vegetables in your back garden like eggplants, carrots and mushrooms are ripe.

Global Rescue

The game is intended to raise attention and awareness to getting a career at the RAF.

High Risk Rescue

High Risk Rescue a boy a Dragon who will you be??

Polar Rescue

Use your penguin to dodge obstacles run through mazes and fire snowballs at evil looking polar bears.

Power Rangers Red Hot Rescue

The evil Dr. Mercer has tra ed Tommy!

Mermaid Rescue

Kill all the creatures that try to attack your mermaid.

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