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FIFA 14 - soon more details

FIFA 14 should be officially confirmed already during this week. More details about the game would appear until 17th April

FIFA Online

Announced today development of a free-to-play*, downloadable game called EA SPORTS™ FIFA Online that will make its most popular and highest rated videogame franchise available to football fans with a broadband internet connection and an average spec laptop computer or desk-top personal computer. The free-to-play EA SPORTS FIFA videogame will call on football fans and gamers to help shape features during closed beta testing prior to its English language European open beta release in June 2010.

Empire of Sports

Empire of Sports is excited to announce that the first sports based MMORPG

Goal Line Blitz

A free to play text-based sports simulation game, each player is able to create their own football players and join teams managed by real people to compete for virtual football championships. Players level up over time, allot skills in an RPG system and compete in games every other day. Players can also manage teams, including rosters, signings, trades, friendly matches, tactics and finances. Paid upgrades are available.

FIFA 13 has sold 4.5 million copies within 5 days

FIFA 13 has sold 4.5 million copies within 5 days

Football SuperStars

Football Superstars is the first soccer game that can truly be classified as an MMO. Besides playing varied soccer matches on the field, players are free to explore a huge game world currently composed of two cities. Each city has dozens of locations to visit, including bars, cafes, shops, gyms and other places of interest. Football Superstars has impressive graphics and detailed character customization, which make it by far the most advanced sports MMO currently available.

QuickHit Football

Recently I got a chance to speak with Brandon Justice, Director of Game Design for Quick Hit Football which is a free-to-play football game.

EA Sports UFC

The UFC is the first new major sports league partnership for EA SPORTS in over a decade and from day one, our team was committed to creating the first next generation sports game,” Dean Richards, General Manager, EA SPORTS UFC.

Planetarium Football Star

FootStar (Planetarium Football Star) is a game where you are in control of a football player, trying to become the best player the planet has ever seen. You will be able to decide what club to join, set up training schemes, interact with your team mates, give interviews, adquire goods to increase your lifestlye and morale, amongst several other options, in order to become the best football player the world has ever seen!

Football Manager Live

Football Manager Live is the online incarnation of the popular Football Manager game series. This newest entry follows the previous installments in presenting a management sim for fans, while different in letting players build their football club from the ground up, including over 300,000 real-life players as well as name and uniform.

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