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Rock Paper Scissors

1: Choose between rock, paper or scissors versus the computer on each throw....
2: Choose between rock, paper or scissors versus the computer on each throw....

Spiderman City Raid

Try to web sling as far as you can!

Doll Maker

Select the right dress for this cute doll.

Wonder Pets Save the Puppy

Puppy`s family is out and Puppy must get out of the house pronto to pee! Never fear, the Wonder Pets are here! First on the agenda, get the puppy out of the house to pee. Then our cute heroes and their new friend, Puppy, will spend a memorable time playing together in the backyard. Leave it to our friends to find creative and exciting ways to play with Puppy!


Destroy as many enemies as you can with your cannon.


1: a platform and a puzzle game. You have to move a bouncing ball to collect gold...
2: a puzzle game. You have to move a bouncing ball to collect gold...

FreakOut Gold

1: Your objective is simple--clear 75% or more of the game board while dodging the colorful bouncing balls. The challenge...
2: your Emitter speed. Solve the puzzle by clearing 100% of the board, or blaze your way though 200+ electrifying levels for the...


1: across the islands taking pictures of the exotic, tropical paradise. But before you can take each picture, you must use...


Find way out of the blue box

Sue Cakes

Help Sue bake cakes and get dressed for various occasions! Cooking game!


Kick the ball higher to score more points!

Puzzle Mania Sleeping Beauty

1: Complete the puzzle of Sleeping Beauty...


Masyu is a seriously challenging Japanese logic puzzle which will put experienced puzzlers and would-be puzzlers to the ultimate test!

Save Christmas

1: I know its June but we still need to save Christmas from the attacking penguins....

The Adventures of Aladdin and the Magic Skull

1: The skull promises Aladdin a voyage to the majestic floating city if he helps it escape, a task that the mischievous young...
2: Aladdin on this whimsical journey to see the legendary floating city. Travel through unknown lands and meet kind characters,...
3: than ever imagined. Will Aladdin make it to the floating city, or will the wizard catch up and turn him into a...


Kill your enemys to complete levels!

Now you can tell to Square Enix what to make next

Square Enix now going to ask what game to make next. So there is your chance to tell what you want next proper Final Fantasy VII remake

The Flying Trapeezees

1: and power-ups as you advance through this exciting Action/arcade...
2: power-ups as you advance through this exciting Action/Arcade...

Dress Up 74

Play dress up, makeover, makeup games to design and create fun animated avatars, virtual places and dress up girls in your fashion styles.

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