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Just pick your balloon slinger and throw water balloons at the people that you see but watch out for attacking pigeons.

Car Town

Car Town is Facebook's newest addicting game - Farmville or Mafia Wars for car people. Car Town lets you earn money, points and cars by racing, working on your friends cars, car shows, etc. You can even make custom decals for your cars or add premade custom decals. Everyone wants hints, tips, tricks and cheats but up.

Wild Wheels

A fun, crazy car-racing game, Wild Wheels offers a number of different missions and races. Aimed at the casual gamer, Wild Wheels is very easy to use, providing state-of-the-art, 3-D graphics; expansive environments; and realistic car physics. Car racing fans young and old alike will enjoy the fantasy setting. With three unique ways to play, over 35 levels, seven cars to unlock, and four difficulty levels, the possibilities for fun are endless!

Diego`s Safari Adventure

Jambo! Diego, Alicia and Baby Jaguar are visiting their friend Juma in Africa. Juma tells them the story of the elephants and how, once upon a time, the mean Magician turned them into rocks with her Magic Wand. Join Diego, Alicia and Baby Jaguar on an adventure to find the drum on top of the Tallest Mountain that will break the elephants` spell. You`ll also help out other animals along the way!

Cube Combat

Use your wooden cube guy to fight, against your player opponent, punch, kick, jump and pull off moves.

Not in Contract

Click on your clients to silence their cliches. Each client you miss will reduce your profit.

Caillou Preschool - Alphabet and Colors & Shapes Combined

Play more than 60 activities that will help get your child ready for preschool - in English, Spanish, or French!

Homerun Rally

Homerun Rally is a crazy sport game where you have got to be super quick to be able to keep up with the pitcher!

Grampa Grumble Whoop 2

Fight old Grampa Grumble and try to knock him out. Careful he's got moves!

Legends of Xian

Legends of Xian is a browser-based, flash based, war-themed, free to play MMO (strategy/RPG hybrid) adapted from the Ming Dynasty.

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