Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare 4

Free PS Plus Games For July 2018

Solid game for this month on PS Plus

Halo Infinite studio "not interested in battle royale"

Teased at E3 this year, it looks like Halo Infinite (of Halo 6) will not get battle royale mode.

5 Reasons Why Games Are Good For You

Games don't only have bad sides to them, they have very good sides too. This article highlights 5 reasons why games are good for you.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Discover the story behind Borderlands 2’s villain, Handsome Jack, and his rise to power in this brand new game in the Borderlands series. Taking place between the original Borderlands and Borderlands 2, the Pre-Sequel gives you a whole lotta new gameplay featuring the genre fusion of shooter and RPG gameplay that players can’t get enough of.

Plants versus Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Plants versus Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is a continuation of an amusement I didn't hope to like in any case. When it was declared in 2013, the first Garden Warfare appeared like a hulk, taking the available, ridiculous appeal of easygoing amicable designer PopCap's overhead methodology diversion Plants versus Zombies and shooter-ing it up.

Kaptain Brawe - A Brawe New World Episode 2

1: them. The games graphics remains fortunately unchanged, as the original part was given such a level of graphics that could take...

All you need to know about Fortnite (as a parent)

are you a parent (or not) and you are looking for information about Fortnite? look no more because we gathered all the information you need in our article!

Guardians of Magic - Amanda`s Awakening

1: never knew existed. For centuries, the Guardians of Magic have protected a hidden realm, and her grandfather was one of them....
2: not everyone knows, but many suspect and in some point they are probably right. Technology means advance in health, easier...
3: Gameplay: When you go to your grandfathers funeral you probably don’t expect that much, a few old memories told, some...
4: science is thanks to him. So when she heard that she needs to protect magic, it kind a got her confused. Besides the fact that...
5: the flying robots that turn up now and then to hinder their progress. The robots will attack, but that won’t be that...

Global Wars

1: owned ones. There are no computer generated characters in this game what so ever.You will compete, fight or ally with real...
2: needs, you can support vast armies which will crush enemy's forces or resource bases, you can participate in powerful war or...

World War One Gold

Take charge as a military and political leader during the most trying and critical times of the First World War with World War One: Gold Edition! As either a member of the Central Powers, the Entente or a neutral nation, you will confront the epic gauntlet of challenges that faced the likes of Kitchener, Joffre, Luddendorf, Clemenceau, Czar Nicholas II or Enver Pasha in scenarios that range from single theatres to the entire grand campaign.

Lost Continent Double Pack

Explore the world for the legendary Atlantis in a set of two amazing games for the price of one.

Majesty Gold

1: so you can upgrade buildings etc... The Northern Expansion is virtually the same game, with a few add-ons that should please...

Chromadrome 2

Meet the Chromates! Friendly quantum particles that just love playing games. In Chromadrome all you have to do is try and stay on the perfectly straight tracks, while negotiating loops, jumping holes and clearing a path through hundreds of silly Chromates that just love to get in your way. The levels are short and progressively introduce you to each of the 40+ features that turn this simple game into a frantic haphazard dash to the finish line.

Tom Clancy's The Division: Everything You Need To Know

We all know the power of Ubisoft when it comes to first person shooters. Well, the Division is a game that is released in March and took the world on storm. Do you think this is going to be the year of Ubisoft? Check our review of The Division.

Twisted Lands - Shadow Town Premium Edition

Fight your terror as darkness descends in an unforgettable search that takes fear to the next level.

Mystery P.I. Special Edition Bundle

Get two hit hidden object games for the price of one in a whodunit double feature!

Vietnam War: Ho Chi Minh Trail

In Vietnam War: Ho Chi Minh Trail, you are a Special Forces commando, and the enemy has quickly surrounded you. With gunfire abounding, you must find your way out of this bloody turmoil using an arsenal of weapons, including Howitzer artillery, Napalm air strikes, a Vulcan machine gun, an RPG, and your service pistol. Are you up for the challenge?

Roads of Rome 2

1: other diversities that have been more than upgraded to the original core gameplay. The underwater world for example...

Insider Tales - Triple Pack

1: and advantages from one sequel to another. So let’s start logically from the beginning and then make it to the end. In this...
2: recharges and in certain situations it can last forever. The logic puzzles can be tricky as well, though if they remain...

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