Card Games Com 3

Heartwild(TM) Solitaire: Book Two

Immerse yourself in the romance of the second story from the rewarding card series.

Solitaire Master 3

As the follow-up to Solitaire Master and Solitaire Master 2, Solitaire Master 3 is an updated version featuring 450 great solitaire games. You'll enjoy the classics, including Klondike and Free Cell, plus 150 brand new games. This third edition offers more card backs, card faces, backgrounds, and game play features than any competitive product on the market. Solitaire Master 3 truly is the master of all solitaire games!

5 Card Slingo

5 Card Slingo is the exciting game that combines the fast paced fun of Slingo with strategic poker playing action.

Hoyle Solitaire

Hoyle Solitaire brings you 50 different variations of this classic game. With endless combinations of cards and built-in tutorials, there's no end to the fun!

Hoyle Card Games 2008

Step up to the best deal in town and test your skill with Card Games from HOYLE, the Official Name in Gaming for over 200 years.


Strategically adjust the board to make as many good poker hands as you can. The 5x5 grid contains 12 different hands and you need to maximize their value.


You start off with 5 cards along with a target card. Use the interface to add,substract, and multiply the cards to make the target result.

3 to 1 Blarney

You have ten rolls to try earn the highest roll.

7 card

A flash version of a billiard game.


Try to get rid of all the cards befor the computer does!

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