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Crystal Cave: Lost Treasures

Go on a quest for long-lost treasures buried in the temples of ancient civilizations in Crystal Cave: Lost Treasures. Huge gemstones were sheltered from the sunshine for eons of time waiting for explorers brave enough to unearth them. You - as an intrepid treasure hunter - will need all your ingenuity to pass the traps and dangers of the underground and collect the treasure in this fun Puzzle game!

The Otherside - Realm of Eons

Travel between surreal parallel worlds to reunite a brother and sister in a wonderfully spooky adventure.

Farm Frenzy - Ancient Rome

Feed the heroic soldiers of the Roman Empire as they go to war in a challenging new addition to the series.

Mortimer Beckett Double Pack

Get two award-winning adventures for one low price with an amazing treat for hidden object fans!

Ancient Sudoku

Ancient Sudoku is an addictive brainteaser puzzle that can be solved by lateral thinking alone and has been taking the world by storm. Ancient Sudoku brings this classic puzzle game to the next level with endless amounts of levels, multiple puzzle types. Ancient Sudoku also has a solver that allows you to create your own puzzle and help you solve your newspapers daily puzzle.

Dream Chronicles(R) Trilogy 1 Bundle

Experience the first three epic adventures at once with a trio of magnificent games for one low price.

Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery 5

Solve 300 all-new perplexing puzzles!

Link's New Mario Kart 8 DLC Vehicle Is Part Epona, Part Motorcycle

The Master Cycle has Link's signature Hylian Shield on one side, the Triforce symbol on its wheels, and--best of all--an Epona-looking horse head on the front. According to Nintendo's Twitter account, it also "has plenty of horsepower." (Jokes!)


1: game developed by EA DICE, with additional work from Criterion games, and published by Electronic Arts. Here is the trailer:...

Diamond Detonation

1: This game is similar to other Bomberman type games. ...

Hoyle Card Games 2008

Step up to the best deal in town and test your skill with Card Games from HOYLE, the Official Name in Gaming for over 200 years.

Power Soccer

Power Soccer is a 3D football game, which is played in your browser.

Nintendo now lets people to leave reviews on site

Let Nintendo know what you really think... A new update to Nintendo’s website now allows users to leave customer reviews of specific Switch games.

Delicious - Emily`s Childhood Memories

Rekindle the magic of growing up with a wonderful new addition to the timeless Delicious series.

Cities In Motion

Overseeing the changing needs of people from 1920 to 2020, its up to you to manage everything from buses, trams and subway trains to maximize profits while pleasing commuters.

Mr. Puzzle

1: the same time in Mr. Puzzle. Jump into a revolutionary puzzle game! Solve multiple puzzles with different scenes at the same...
2: create a whole new experience! Jump into a revolutionary puzzle game,...

Jigs@w Puzzle 2

1: The game provides a very comfortable puzzling environment and superb graphics. You can create your own puzzles from your...
2: play your own puzzles! Everything you need to play and create jigsaw puzzles from your own pictures. Jigs@w Puzzle 2 is a...
3: from your own pictures. Jigs@w Puzzle 2 is a truly realistic jigsaw puzzle game which has everything you need to create and...


Help a friendly family save their island home in Pakoombo!

The Sudoku Challenge

1: crossword as the game of choice. Now available on your home computer, with thousands of games to...
2: choice. Now available on your home computer, with thousands of games to...

World Riddles - Seven Wonders

Use your powers of logic to embark on a journey visiting the most magnificent monuments ever made.

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