Esquerda Para Mortos V�Deo Jogo

World Riddles - Seven Wonders

Use your powers of logic to embark on a journey visiting the most magnificent monuments ever made.

Fifa 16: The Complete Review

The most awaited review is out now. We have received so many requests to review Fifa 16 and here it is. A complete and pure review on Fifa 16 which will help you to understand and find out whether you should go with this big release or not.

Virtual Villagers 5 - New Believers

Explore the mysterious center of beautiful Isola and uncover its tragic past in this new chapter from the hit series.

Far Cry Primal

You can play hours of Far Cry 4, inventing progressively ingenious methods to rid the Himalayas of despotic goons, however that’s whatever you remember.

Dead Space was to games what Alien was to movies

1: this chance – especially if you’re a fan of the alien movies. Although Dead Space that has got closest to...
2: to rescue team discovers the ship has been invaded by a hideous alien species. That its shadowy corporate owner may know more...
3: anyone is letting on. It’s a game about a spaceship and aliens, but the fact that the beasts are reanimated human...
4: fears of impregnation, metamorphosis and subjugation as the alien universe.   ‌  ...

Lenovo Y50 Touch

1: gamers looking to avoid the Close Encounters of the Third Kind light show that's typically associated with gaming...
2: feature is the deep red backlit keyboard, easily the visual highlight of the system. Many other gaming laptops offer backlit...
3: island-style keys are made of translucent red plastic, and the light shines through the actual key bodies, rather than simply...

Din's Curse

Redeem yourself from the curse of the champion god Din!

Hedgehogs in Space

Rocket through outerspace with a wacky Match 3 game for players of all ages!

Playdead's creepy puzzle arrives on PS4

Like we said before, Playdead's creepy puzzle arrives on PlayStation 4 and you can get it right now for only $10.

The 2 Biggest Games to Play in 2018

1: looks like exciting to think about what BioWare's spin on the online multiplayer shooter might look like.    ...

Apple reportedly working on an iWatch

1: with Intel in order to develop and manufacture a wristwatch Powered by iOS, which would feature a OLED screen sized 1.5...

Magic Pony

This magic pony is a flying colorful spreader of joy and happiness! So color her in some beautiful gems, bracelets, and even a nice dress.

Secrets of the Titanic 1912-2012

Join Eva and her family as they take a cruise following the same path as the ill-fated Titanic. After wearing her grandmother's necklace, Eva starts to experience flashbacks and finds herself onboard the Titanic as her beloved grandmother. Should she try to stop the titanic from colliding with the iceberg and change the course of history forever? Test your hidden-object and logic skills in this tense and exciting adventure game, Secrets of the Titanic 1912-2012!

Secrets of the Titanic - 1912 - 2012

Take an amazing voyage between past and present in a stirring seek-and-find journey.

Camp Funshine - Carrie the Caregiver 3

1: of summer. Will you help the young heroine teach kids fun new crafts and keep them happy? Join Carrie at summer camp and...
2: she enriches the lives of all the young campers. Teach them fun crafts like dyeing t-shirts, crafting buddy bracelets, roasting...
3: the young campers. Teach them fun crafts like dyeing t-shirts, crafting buddy bracelets, roasting smores, and more in 75...

Supple - Episode 2

Put your finger on the pulse of high fashion in a fabulous virtual simulation of life as a style editor.

Golden Age of Racing

Golden Age of Racing gives you the chance to relive the best years of Grand Prix racing.

Airborne Troops

1: Paratrooper Sergeant has... On a mission to drop two secret agents into occupied territory the American Paratrooper...
2: Paratrooper Sergeant's aircraft is shot down leaving one of his agents is seriously wounded. It is now the Sergeant's duty to...
3: wounded. It is now the Sergeant's duty to replace the ailing agent and complete the stealth missions himself. Airborne Troops...

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Discover the story behind Borderlands 2’s villain, Handsome Jack, and his rise to power in this brand new game in the Borderlands series. Taking place between the original Borderlands and Borderlands 2, the Pre-Sequel gives you a whole lotta new gameplay featuring the genre fusion of shooter and RPG gameplay that players can’t get enough of.

Digital Storm Krypton

Digital Storm Krypton: a custom built 17.3” gaming laptop ideal for fps, one of the best laptops for gaming this year definitly

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