Outdoor Life: Sportsman's Challenge

Create the ultimate sportsman's paradise in Outdoor Life: Sportsman's Challenge!

Grand Mer

Grand Mer takes place in the year 2018 on planet Earth after massive flooding caused by global warming, climate change and heavy rains.

Fishing Game

Its the classic fishing game but lots of fun!

Aquarium Sprengischen

Drop sticks of dynamite into an aquarium to try and blow up fish.

Go Fishing

Use the mouse to draw a line around the same colored fishes to capture them.

The Fisher

Help this ugly old fisherman catch all the fish he can by timing the release of his line perfectly.

Fishing the Sea

Lure fish to your baited hook and bring them in slowly to catch them.

Action Fish

Catch as many fish as you can within a limited time.

Hook Line and Sinker

Help the fisherman catch the same species of fishes with his hook to gain points.

Air Fishing

You must catch the right fishes, the ones that are small and hard to find

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