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Hide & Secret 3 - Pharaoh's Quest

Bring two divided souls back together in the third fantastic adventure for Will Scout and Anna Lyze.

Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride

Reclaim a lost kingdom and help a pride of lions restore their savanna paradise.

Delicious - Emily`s Holiday Season

Warm up your holidays with an uplifting time management sequel filled with romance and joy!

Solitaire Master 3

As the follow-up to Solitaire Master and Solitaire Master 2, Solitaire Master 3 is an updated version featuring 450 great solitaire games. You'll enjoy the classics, including Klondike and Free Cell, plus 150 brand new games. This third edition offers more card backs, card faces, backgrounds, and game play features than any competitive product on the market. Solitaire Master 3 truly is the master of all solitaire games!

Ashen Empires

Apparently, players didn’t really rush in to play Ashen Empires, Iron Will Games’ MMORPG and the developers decided to make it a free-to-play game, probably hoping that this measure will bring more players to the virtual worlds of the fantasy MMO. On the official website, Iron Will announced: Today’s a big day for Ashen Empires. We’re ending subscriptions. It’s free! That’s right. Bring some friends for hours of fun with a must-play MMORPG!


You must survive in a dark and dangerous world in which the vampires and werewolves control the streets at night.

Stone Age Kings

Go back thousands of years in time and establish a thriving ancient empire, through combat, trade and more.

100 Years War

100 Years War is a free MMORPG co-developed by IGG and Akamai HD Network. The game, which is currently available on Facebook, delivers HD quality graphics in 3D by utilizing Akamai’s patented HD EdgePlatform. Like Facebook-oriented Godswar Online, 100 Years War requires players to download a mini plugin before running the game on web browser. After entering the game, players could toggle the screen into a client mode interface though it looks like a 2D game.

Agents Target

This is a free web based multiplayer Online Game based on the real mafia life.

Buy an Xbox One Next Week And Get a Free Game of Your Choice

If you're in the market for a new Xbox One, you may want to wait until next week to make your purchase. Microsoft today announced a special Xbox One promotion where anyone who buys a console September 7-13 will get a free retail game of their choice.

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