Free Kick Fusion

Free Kick Challenge

Hark back to yester-year in this old school challenge.

Silkroad R

After the first test of the open beta, Joymax is proud to say that Silkroad-R is 'completely lag-free, bot free, stress free, and most importantly, free-to-play.

Doc Tropic's Fusion Island

From a tiny island in the South Pacific, nuclear fusion reactions create power for the entire globe. It's all thanks to the genius of Doc Tropic, the world's greatest and hardest working nuclear physicist. But when something goes wrong, the reactions that fuel the world now threaten to destroy it! Make your way across Fusion Island, defusing deadly atomic chains before they reach the reactor!

Alliance of Valiant Arms

A few short years ago, the term 'free game'

Switchln - Free 3d Online Games. We offer a fun, interactive place to chat and play free games with people all over the world! Our MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online Games) are Just a couple clicks away! All you need is Shockwave and you will be able to play in our web browser enabled free multiplayer game environment. Come back often as we keep regularly adding more free 3d games for you to enjoy. Play free flash games as well and enjoy!


Click the triangle that creates the solution!

Free Running

The art of Parkour or Free Running is a way of life, developing the body and mind.

Gem Fusion

Combine gems into new gems in this strategic match 3 game!

Freekick Fusion

Take freekicks against the computer to practice.

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