Halo Trail

Halo 4 Coming to Stores on November 6th

John-117 whispered into the depths of deep space to reassure a lonely AI build before slipping into the cryo-sleep one more time. This happened 5 years ago, and the end of the game, Halo 3, marked a very long and legendary tale to an end.

Halo 2 Remaking the Legend Documentary Announced

Halo: The Master Chief Collection developer 343 Industries has released a trailer for Remaking the Legend - Halo 2 Anniversary, a documentary about the game and 343's efforts to remake it.

Drawn: Trail of Shadows

Re-enter the enchanted world of Drawn in the highly anticipated third installment of the cinematic series. Set in the years before the events of The Painted Tower and Dark Flight, Drawn: Trail of Shadows takes players on a magical Adventure through the distant past! Become a part of the story by following clues scattered throughout paintings to save a boy with the power to create painted worlds in Drawn: Trail of Shadows!

Strange Cases - The Lighthouse Mystery

FBI Agent Claire Ellery's latest strange case has become personal. Tom, her former partner, has died under bizarre circumstances. As Agent Ellery delves deeper into the mystery of his death, she finds that Tom himself has laid a trail of clues for hera trail that leads her into a sinister web of corporate betrayal and the arcane. Follow the cards to solve this Strange Case and vindicate your partner's untimely demise in Strange Cases: The Lighthouse Mystery.

Halo 4 - After 30 Days

How is Halo 4 doing after 30 days from the release?

Flash Halo CTF

Infiltrate the enemy base, steal their flag and return it to yours while shooting down enemies in the warthog.

Hello There Puzzle

Connect all the right pieces to solve the puzzle!

Love Trail

Collect all the hearts on your way and avoid the devils, bats and snakes!


Guide and protect a herd of cute, furry animals in Meum-Trail! Pave their way by completing the road to the exit of each level. Lead your followers through a wide range of puzzle-missions. Take good care of your Meums, find the ancient city and restore the harmonic co-existence of all animals living on planet Meotom.

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