Ich ¨¬ Reiten

Das Reiterland - Ich Will Reiten!

In the game "Das Reiterland - Ich Will Reiten!" (The Rider Country I Want To Ride!") your dreams will come true!

Championship Riding Star

Feel the magic, balance and rhythm of riding in this highly realistic 3D riding simulation game. Enjoy the thrill of competition in the ring and on the track! Players will get to choose from several exciting categories of competitive riding including dressage, jumping and much more!

Far Cry 4

In Far Cry 4, players find themselves in Kyrat, a breathtaking, perilous and wild region of the Himalayas struggling under the regime of a despotic self-appointed king. Using a vast array of weapons, vehicles, and animals, players will write their own story across an exotic open-world landscape.

ALERT! Sony Bans Accounts Due To Username Violation

Sony Bans PSN Account Due To Username Violation 8 Years After It Was Created!


Tharsis looks great, as well, and it's loaded with things I need to control: a group of down-on-their-fortunes space explorers on an adventure to Mars, a spaceship with modules I can upset, dice that roll and bob and choose who lives and passes on. Be that as it may, it's excessively irregular and dangerous, making it impossible to be agreeable.


Who would have thought I'd be reminiscing about an MMORPG?

Worst Video Games of 2014

MetaCritic recently published a ranking of the best games of 2014. Well, i didn't only find some of those games terrible but also i believe i should write my own list of worst video games in 2014. Check it out.


Bombshell is not something unique. I was so prepared for an intriguing ARPG, concentrating on plunder, character movement, and element battle in a science fiction setting.

A Tale in the Desert V

A Tale in the Desert V is a non-combat crafting paradise.


1 October, 1979: Unidentified forces presumed of extraterrestrial origin arrive in Earth orbit. Panic spreads globally when attempts at communication fail and initial attempts to repel the invaders are met with heavy losses and little success.

Pirates of the Burning Sea

I love pirates and have done ever since I was a boy, fighting my way through The Secret of Monkey Island. This much is oft-repeated common knowledge among regular readers and plainly obvious to anybody who meets me. I celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day. I’ve grown my hair like Guybrush Threepwood. I own a pirate cutlass. One day, when I finally grow a pair, I’ll get a suitable tattoo. Now, finally completing my genre-worship is Pirates of the Burning Sea, or PotBS, the new MMO from Sony.

Here is conclusion of lying to Blizzard's Customer Support

1: truth since it is Blizzards game.     Heroes of the storm has an issue with toxic players like League of Legends...
2: League of Legends does and all other MOBA's. In Heroes of the storm you can report others for offensive words.The reported...

Ice Cream Craze - Natural Hero

Scoop up a pint of multi-flavored fun with a delightful endeavor for ice cream domination.

Cookie Domination(TM)

Conquer the nation one cookie at a time in a zany strategy game made for the entire family.

Hacker Evolution: Untold

Use your hacker skills to prevent computers from becoming the next dominant species on the planet, and clear your name.


The ArcheAge Online Review that you all have been waiting for is finally here!

Final Boss Veigar takes over League of Legends

How does it feel to have your own game turned against you? I’ve twisted the game code itself into a weapon. I’ve even ripped into the website! Tell me that I’ll never be more than a “mini” boss… Nobody can stop me now! Not those pathetic arcade characters, not the programmers, not the players Nobody!

Weekly Recap: Huge Titanfall Update, Sunset Overdrive Is 900p, and Jade Raymond Leaves Ubisoft

1: left the French video game giant this week. She produced the original Assassin's Creed, its sequel, and various entries in...
2: in various capacities for more than ten years, producing the original Assassin's Creed and its sequel, and overlooking new...


Profound inside your flying base is a bar committed to fallen officers. It has a rundown of every warrior's name, time of death, and the operation they passed on in. It's a trigger for dim recollections. Perusing down I recall one fighter squashed to death by a goliath snake, another smoldered to death in a destroyed office.

Edna & Harvey - Edna's Breakout

The Crazies are on the Loose!

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