James Stagno

Frogs in Love

Win over Jasmine, the frog princess of your dreams, by competing in a variety of minigames and earning coins. Travel from pond to pond on your journey to the prestigious Flower Festival. Meet and befriend other characters who will guide you on your quest and challenge you with exciting and fun minigames, including Hidden Object, Brain Challenges, Matching games, and even Dancing games, Frogs in Love has it all!

Dam Beavers

1: to swim again, Quax has constructed a dam-busting catapult to smash the beaver dams and restore his peaceful pond, but he...

Tin Toss

Select a brand name can either coke or sprite and keep it up as long as possible

Adventure In Pond

A tadpole was lost in the pond.

New 007 Spectre Trailer

New 007 Spectre Trailer

Stones of Rome

1: before it’s too late! James is trapped in the catacombs below rome! Curious James wanders away from his tour group as they...
2: away from his tour group as they explore the catacombs below rome. At first, it seems like he’s on his own special adventure,...

Pixie Pond

Enter the magical world of Pixie Pond as you race against time to match as many magical objects as you can. Once the clock runs out, watch as your matches turn into huge combos with huge scores. Featuring tons of levels of insane combos with magical objects for even more mayhem, Pixie Pond is an entrancing experience that will keep you glued to your seat for hours.

Frogs vs Storks

1: a peaceful place to live in Frogs vs. Storks, a fun Action & arcade game! Save your frogs from evil storks and make the pond...
2: a peaceful place to live in Frogs vs. Storks, a fun Action & arcade game! Avoid the hungry storks and help your frog friends...

Big City Adventure(TM) - London Classic

1: also play a variety of unique mini-games such as Match 3 and jigsaw...

Frog It 2

Use the arrow keys to move your frog and eat up bugs and flies on the pond.

Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing

Raise a variety of exotic fish and manufacture never-before-seen products in Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing, a fun and exciting Time Management game! Scarlett didn't know her new island farm contained a huge pond, but that's not stopping her from rising to the challenge. Help her make a big splash as she upgrades her production facilities, fends off bears, and buys and sells goods across land and sea!

Sniper Elite III

1: game will also release digitally on the same day for Xbox Live online entertainment network from Microsoft for Xbox One, Xbox...

Whispered Stories: Sandman

Help the young orphan James locate his missing girlfriend, Mary, in Whispered Stories: Sandman. While searching for her, he falls under the spell of the sinister Sandman. To save his girlfriend he must find a cure against the evil spell of the Sandman. But where can he find it? Join James on his journey and help him to withstand the Sandman and save Mary in this mysterious Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure.

VooDoo Chronicles - The First Sign

Embark on a captivating investigation that blurs the lines of reality in a fascinating seek-and-find adventure.

VooDoo Chronicles - The First Sign Premium Edition

Embark on a captivating investigation that blurs the lines of reality in a fascinating seek-and-find adventure.

Antique Road Trip - USA

Search across America for wonderful old-time treasures to sell in your own shop.

Jolly Rover

Sail the high seas with pirate pooches in a swashbuckling point-and-click adventure.


For the first time ever, the FIFA development team utilized physically based rendering to bring atmospheres and players to life, further blurring the line between the virtual and real world of football. FIFA 15 players now have a range of emotions that evolve contextually throughout the game based on interactions with opponents and teammates.

James Bomb 2

Help James Bomb to destroy all the monsters of the labyrinth and escape out in this version of Bomberman.

James Bomb

This is a classic bomberman game with more exciting characters.

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