Juegos De Guerra Multijugador En Lã¯â¿â½Nea

Play Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer for Free

1: including Sleeping Dogs, Deus Ex : Human Revolution, Tomb raider etc.. Also Theme Hospital is free on Origin And some...

Men of War : Assault Squad

Players can get behind the controls of a tank to smash through obstacles, crush soldiers under their tracks and fire high-explosive shells at enemy emplacements, they can even take control of individual soldiers as they fight. As in previous games in the series, Men of War: Assault Squad includes the unique direct control feature which enables players to be in command of any unit using the WASD controls, rather than pointing and clicking. Internet Connection is required to play this title.

World War One Gold

Take charge as a military and political leader during the most trying and critical times of the First World War with World War One: Gold Edition! As either a member of the Central Powers, the Entente or a neutral nation, you will confront the epic gauntlet of challenges that faced the likes of Kitchener, Joffre, Luddendorf, Clemenceau, Czar Nicholas II or Enver Pasha in scenarios that range from single theatres to the entire grand campaign.

Top 3 Multiplayer Games of 2014

1: version is a little different than the previous two versions. gta is an open world game and it is also a famous one for the...
2: to play the multiplayer version in online with your original gta V game. If you have bought an original copy of this game...
3: this awesome multiplayer game.  Check our Review here: gta V Review  ...

How to make Battlecry Female Character

There is How Bethesda Designed Battlecry's Female Characters

Plants versus Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Plants versus Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is a continuation of an amusement I didn't hope to like in any case. When it was declared in 2013, the first Garden Warfare appeared like a hulk, taking the available, ridiculous appeal of easygoing amicable designer PopCap's overhead methodology diversion Plants versus Zombies and shooter-ing it up.

Call of Duty: Advance Warfare Review

Call of Duty: Advance Warfare is the latest edition of COD series. This game is developed by Sledgehammer Games and is published by Activision like always. The game released in the international market on 4th of November, 2014. This is a total review of this game. Beware, Spoilers are there.

Joint Operations: Combined Arms Gold

1: ever! Total War. Total Package. The most ferocious online conflict of the 21st century is now available in its most...
2: and an absolute blast**. Play in games of up to 150 players online via the all-new, blazing fast NovaWorld network. Experience...

Battlefield 4

Only in Battlefield 4 can players demolish the walls of a building that once shielded the enemy, leaving them vulnerable to open fire. Only in Battlefield 4 can fans lead an assault from the back of a gun boat or in the air piloting a jet. Battlefield 4 grants gamers the freedom to do more and be more while playing to their strengths and carving their own path to victory on massive, multiplayer maps.

Call Of Duty Multiplayer Changed

The multiplayer modes of Call of Duty: Advance Warfare is changed.

Tropico 5

Return to the remote island nation of Tropico in the next installment of the critically acclaimed and hugely popular ‘dictator sim’ series.

War of the Burning Sky

War of the Burning Sky is a client-based role-playing game set in an intricate 3D world.

Imperia Online

Imperia Online is a browser based massively multiplayer online medieval real-time war simulation game.

Watch Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's Launch Trailer

1: this new "Gameplay Launch Trailer" gives us a good look at the single player campaign, with a few glimpses at some of the...
2: "Gameplay Launch Trailer" gives us a good look at the single player campaign, with a few glimpses at some of the explosive...
3: carries over into Call of Duty: Advances Warfare's multiplayer. players can chain together boost actions like jumping,...
4: carries over into Call of Duty: Advances Warfare's multiplayer. players can chain together boost actions like jumping, dodging,...

Top 3 First Person Shooter Games of 2014

In this article, you will find the top 3 first person shooter games of 2014. The list has been made on the base of popularity, sale volume and gamers' feedback.

Xbox One gets two more backwards compatible games

1: compatibility list. One of them is Dante's Inferno, a supernatural action game, and R.U.S.E., a strategic competitive...
2: the other side, you have the game Dante's Inferno, which is a supernatural action game. The games is EA's attempt to capture...

Victoria Complete

The boxed pack of "Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun" and the expansion; Victoria: Revolutions completes the gaming experience and opens up the possibility to continue the game in Hearts of Iron 2: Doomsday.

Call of Duty: Advance Warfare Leaked for Xbox 360

Call of Duty recently leaked for Xbox 360 on 30th October, 2014. The game is scheduled to be released on 3rd of November but a leaked version released and gamers already started to play it.

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