Mugen Fighting Game Maker

Chgamploo Mugen Dress Up

Help our funky samurai get prep up for one awesome battle.

Sponge Bob SquarePants Bikini Bottom Bust Up

A fighting game with ongeBob characters. Two fighting modes.

Dinosaur Battles

All the ferocious power of the world's most dangerous dinosaurs is in your control! After an evil scientist takes over with an army of vicious dinosaurs, it's your turn to power up your own team of super-charged dinosaurs and control them in battle. Each dinosaur has specialized fighting moves and combinations - customize your dinosaurs into awesome fighting machines. Build up your dinosaur army, dominate your opponents and become the dinosaur fighting champion!

Cupcake Maker

Make a cupcake without getting dirty or going shopping! Yummy! I bet you are all going to be craving for a cupcake after this game!

Muffin Maker

Make sweet and tasety muffins with Holly and friends! Cooking game!

Mutt Maker

Create one-of-a-kind dog breed with a certificate in this hilarious game

Face Maker

Customize and make your own face, nose, eyes, mouth, eyebrow and such.

Princess Maker 4

Press the right arrow key when the arrow on the board reaches the top.

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