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Insider Tales - Triple Pack

1: and advantages from one sequel to another. So let’s start logically from the beginning and then make it to the end. In this...
2: recharges and in certain situations it can last forever. The logic puzzles can be tricky as well, though if they remain...

Blazer Fashion

Blazer is a type of vest being loved in the past year and it is also a fashion fever of this year. Blazer is more popular in the cool days of autumn.Blazer is easy to mix wit could be with pleat skirt, high-waist pants or most commonly with short. So lets


Melborn the dragon is lost in his greed for Glimmer! Step in the shoes of Myrna or Khar and save your beloved from the evil claws of the dragon! Dive into this epic story of love and greed. Use your Match 3 skills in a whole new way. Move entire rows of blocks and rotate them around one another. Collect resources and glimmer during your quest and use them in your battle against the dragon.

Nat Geo Games Lost Chronicles - Fall of Caesar

Uncover the conspiracy behind the shocking murder of Julius Caesar in a historical journey through the eyes of a Roman citizen.

Nat Geo Games Lost Chronicles - Salem

Reveal a wicked conspiracy in a startling journey through the eyes of a young girl.

Real Crimes - The Unicorn Killer

Solve a true-life mystery in this immersive hidden object game inspired by an actual crime!

Royal Envoy (TM)

Take the king's challenge and think your way to triumph in this whimsical resource management experience.

Shoe Shuffle

In this game, you've got a job in a bowling alley sorting out shoes and they come at you fast and furious! Shuffle the shoes on the shelf before they cover the counter!

Escape the Museum Double Pack

Survive a natural disaster from two vantage points with a twin bill of excitement for one low price!

Samantha Swift and the Fountains of Fate Strategy Guide

1: items you need. By that, I mean moving a specific item from its place to discover the item you are searching for underneath it...
2: those items to discover any trails that might lead her to the place where the water of eternal youth is hidden. Samantha will...

A Gypsy's Tale - The Tower of Secrets

Outsmart a mysterious curse to save a young girl in a mesmerizing adventure through a labyrinth of deception.

The Clockwork Man - The Hidden World Premium Edition

1: ends up being the beginning of a quest to find a mythical place: The Hidden World. Armed with her incessant thirst for...
2: missing for years she decides to search for them in the last place they have been seen. The search starts in an abandoned...
3: that together by combing through Miranda's journal for well-placed clues. One of the parts that made this game so good is...

Fashion Shoes Store

Get the perfect shoes for her pretty feet.

New Shoes

Easy but addictive! Hit the heel in the right place. If you miss, the woman will fall!

Boots and Bags

This girl loves accessories. Her favs are boots and bags.

Antiques Roadshow(TM)

Join the ultimate treasure hunt with marvelous mystery based on the popular television show.

Bloodline of the Fallen - Anna's Sacrifice

Explore the dark secrets of a hidden past in an unsettling search into the depths of the human soul.

Mystery Stories Bundle

1: result and a game that won’t give you a top result, but it will provide with satisfactory gameplay. Unfortunately, gameplay is...
2: games is quite exquisite. Almost every aspect of the game is improved, which resulted in a game that is much better than her...
3: journalist has gone to Berlin to uncover a truth about a secret project that was active during the World War 2. Michelle got a...
4: during the World War 2. Michelle got a tip about a secret project that the German’s were investigating during the war, and...
5: were investigating during the war, and its purpose was in producing a source of unlimited energy. The engineers of the...

Grace's Quest - To Catch An Art Thief

Stop a gang of art thieves before they steal all of the world's priceless treasures.

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