Parking Game 12

Liong - The Dragon Dance

1: Liong (Chinese word for Dragon) is a re-make of the classic Games mahjong genre, where the objective is to clear all the...
2: follows the standard rules of the classic mahjong arcade Games, but once again the tiles need to be completely removed...

Fifa 15- Should You Buy It?

1: but it is not that much upgraded too. You will find it quite similar to the one of Fifa 14 which is sad. Apart from these two...
2: but it is not that much upgraded too. You will find it quite similar to the one of Fifa 14 which is sad. Apart from these two...

Call of Duty: Advance Warfare Review

Call of Duty: Advance Warfare is the latest edition of COD series. This game is developed by Sledgehammer Games and is published by Activision like always. The game released in the international market on 4th of November, 2014. This is a total review of this game. Beware, Spoilers are there.

2015: Will it be the Gaming Year?

The year 2014 was a decent year for gaming. 2015 is on its way. Do you think that 2015 will be able to beat 2014 with some really awesome games in the pipeline? Checkout our predictions for half of the year of 2015.

Worst Video Games of 2014

MetaCritic recently published a ranking of the best games of 2014. Well, i didn't only find some of those games terrible but also i believe i should write my own list of worst video games in 2014. Check it out.

The Order: 1886: Review

Action packed game The Order 1886 is releasing on February 20th. This is a game based on history and this game will take you to the ancient battle field. Read this full review to know more.

Things You Might Have Missed in Metal Gear Solid V

Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain was released early this September. Did you play this game? If you have played this game, have a look at this article to know whether you have found these destinations or not. If you didn't play this game yet then it is time to figure out what are here in this game.

Great News For Pokemon Fans: Pokemon Go is Announced

All the Pokemon fans should feel happy because recently it was announced that Pokemon Go will hit the market soon. Read the article to know more.

The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes 2

1: Solve a series of baffling new crimes as the intrepid detective in the long-awaited sequel to the hit game. Return to 221 Baker St...
2: as he dusts off his magnifying glass to solve a series of crimes in Victorian England. Visit Stonehenge, Marlsbury Castle,...
3: Introduction: Becoming a detective is very hard, but solving a crime is much more difficult and so you’ll need good knowledge,...
4: him as he plays a key role in helping Holmes to solve the crimes that require their ‘special touch’. They aren’t the only...
5: you’ll have two pictures: one of the locations prior to some crime which already happened and one after that. You’ll have to...

Farm Mania - Hot Vacation

Join Anna and her grandparents in a farming challenge around the world with an all-new adventure in the hit series.

House, M.D.

Solve a slew of baffling medical mysteries in a fantastic set of episodes based on the beloved television series.

Cake Mania(R) To The Max

Take a totally tubular trip back to the past in and help a teenage Jill Evans find her true calling.

Roads of Rome 2

1: other diversities that have been more than upgraded to the original core gameplay. The underwater world for example...

Doc Clock - The Toasted Sandwich of Time

1: through time and space rather than to convert mater to its original form. He built the time machine and wanted to go to...

Twisted Lands - Shadow Town Premium Edition

Fight your terror as darkness descends in an unforgettable search that takes fear to the next level.

National Geographic Great Migrations

Lead your followers to safety in a wonderful adventure based on the highly-anticipated National Geographic Channel miniseries.

Wedding Dash(R) 4-Ever

Make plans to live happily ever after in the dazzling new challenge from the hit wedding series.

Double Pack Farm Frenzy and Virtual Farm

Get a double dose of life on the farm for one low price.

Samantha Swift and the Fountains of Fate Strategy Guide

1: items you need. By that, I mean moving a specific item from its place to discover the item you are searching for underneath it...
2: those items to discover any trails that might lead her to the place where the water of eternal youth is hidden. Samantha will...

Farm Frenzy 3 - Madagascar

Save animals on an African reservation in Scarlett's newest ranching adventure!

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