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Death at Fairing Point: A Dana Knightstone Novel

Can you solve a 19th century murder? You are Dana Knightstone, an up-and-coming fiction novelist. While on vacation in Scotland, you are haunted by the ghost of David, a working-class painter in love with a rich heiress - until he was killed at Fairing Point! Uncover history as you travel across Europe to investigate David's mysterious death. Solve clever puzzles and follow the ghost's trail in Death at Fairing Point, a fun Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.

Hillbilly Fishin

Go the bay and catch some fish.

Find My Wallet

Find My Wallet is another hidden object game. Just where is the wallet? That is the question here.

Pearl Puzzle

The objective of the game is to prevent the game field from filling with white pearls.

Air Blobs

Air Blobs is an addictive puzzle game with three skill levels

Adrians Battle Bots

Destroy all the enemy battle bots in each level to move on to the next level.

Hover Wind

Maneuver a fighter jet over the enemy territory and shoot down the enemy planes and tanks to survive.

Case White

An exciting and action-packed strategy game with the goal of winning the war in Europe.

Jenny Dress Up

Help Jenny change her look - choose new hair, clothes, make up and jewelry.

Marine Heavy Gunner

Vietnam 1967: You are a Heavy Gunner, a Marine trained to handle the biggest, meanest guns the US Army can build. After a crash landing in 'hot' enemy territory, you and your platoon must track down a ruthless enemy leader and rescue your fallen comrades from a remote POW camp. Your mission will take you deep into the Vietnam jungle, across rivers, into tunnels and up heavily defended hills against overwhelming odds. Mount up soldier, your buddies are counting on you!

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