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Avoid pinguin and do not hit rocks!

Luxor 3

LUXOR 3 takes you on an ethereal journey where your Match-3 skills are used to battle the power-hungry god of Chaos. Stop the procession of approaching spheres as they journey through the maze by matching three or more. Call upon the gods, denoted by color, to release specific power-ups and purchase upgrades with Ankh coins collected during gameplay. Free all the gods from captivity before they reach the pyramid at the end of their path, or all is forever lost.

Haunted Past: Realm of Ghosts

You've inherited a home, only to discover restless spirits lurk, and only you can hear them. Years ago, a woman plummeted from an attic window to her doom, now she haunts her former home from another realm. Help her with her unfinished business and put her soul to rest in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. Commune with the dead, and solve the mystery of Emily's demise. All is not as it seems in Haunted Past: Realm of Ghosts.

Street Legal Racing Redline

The streets come alive after the sun goes down, and you're behind the wheel of a high octane, super charged import that takes no prisoners! This is where the street separates the men from the boys! Are you ready to race for respect or is life just passing you by?

Atlantis Adventure

Discover the great mysteries of Atlantis in this puzzle adventure game. Help Coral in her adventure to find her missing husband Harry!

Dark Parables - Curse of Briar Rose

Discover the true tale of Sleeping Beauty while exploring a rampant vine growth in Scotland.

Scoopsn Ladder

Build the tallest ice cream cone in the world.


Udi v2.0 is totally addicting dress-up game fun.

Ratuj Jeze

Float on your hoverboard and dodge rocks while nabbing the nuclear cells to give you power.

Claudio one

In the online RPG / MMORPG hacking game CLAUDIO ONE

Penny Dreadfuls (TM) Sweeney Todd

Capture the murderous barber of Fleet Street with a hidden object musical based on the original disturbing tale.

Chaos Chapter

A Long ago there was a city called Mythia... Our old city.

Absolutist BlackJack

Play casino style Blackjack. Hit, stand, or double down. Insure against ace.

Lost Inca Prophecy 2: The Hollow Island

Join Seraphine in this amazing adventure to save the world from its doom in Lost Inca Prophecy 2: The Hollow Island! The entire world is in danger! Volcanoes are erupting and the earth is shaking! You are the only one that can prevent the Prophecy from happening. Enjoy the incredible matching fun and unique mini-games in this great Match 3 game!

Atomic Betty: Intergalactic Conspiracy

Have a BLAST and learn! It's time for karate-chopping action! Only Atomic Betty can stop Maximus before it is too late, but she'll need your help!

Elegant Evening Reception Dress Up

Elegant Evening Reception Dress Up - An important party is going to take place at the luxurious hotel and this beautiful girl has been invited.

Mega Ryder

Drive your scooter on the road but avoid different obstacles such as cats, people and object.

Defenders Of The Motherland

Compete over 10 rounds in this classic fighting game.

American Pickers: The Road Less Traveled

Become an American Picker! Travel America’s back roads with Mike and Frank, uncovering valuable relics stashed in junk piles, barns and garages. Look for Hidden Objects with historical, collectible and pop culture value and turn rust to riches! Each time you take an American treasure to the shop, you’ll earn more money to go picking. Get tips from the show’s cast to help you master the American Picker game.

Smiling Pasta

Daisy has just been appointed the new chef of Smiling Pasta! Everything was going swimmingly until Pastafast Chain shows up and decides to take over! Help her run the business and turn a tidy profit to keep the corporate goons from winning in this challenging Time Management game. Upgrade the restaurant and keep your clients content to save Smiling Pasta!

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